100 + Reasons to ship Damon and Elena

YES! Delena have 221 reasons! 100 more this time ;) this was a hard work, I hope you like it! ? thanks so much to Sophie (@DelenaOTP) for trusting me, for he…
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  1. ?ilovemaself17? says:

    DELENA DELENA DELENA all the way!! :D?

  2. hotsportz101 says:

    That was the most perfect song for this video. Thank you so much :) <3
    Delena & Nian <3?

  3. paula rojas says:


  4. Paula Barrué says:

    I have here the reason 222:
    he always tells her good night, after a loving moment, he always gives her
    good night?

  5. Caroline Wilson says:

    I bet, There’s not even one person who didn’t cry after seeing this
    video…..unless you are a boy.!! ?

  6. Shantelle Jahoor says:

    +Camira Salvatore :P :P
    The video is really sweet though!! ?

  7. Amber Louka says:

    Julie Plec needs to see this and your other video fricken ASAP!?

  8. nyeishaclark95 says:

    This is honestly one of the most beautiful videos I have seen of Delena,
    this is exactly why they are my favorite and they have to be endgame.?

  9. Isa Loquehaceunarreglo says:

    Hello DelenaInMyHeart!! Her feelings became stronger because she is a
    vampire now and what she felt as a human got magnified as a vampire, so she
    stopped loving Stefan before becoming a vampire.?

  10. carolina fernanda says:

    omg!!!! 221 my favorite reason! :) … too perfect for words ?

  11. CeltycSparrow says:

    this is a beautiful testament to the love they share. The captions you used
    were perfect in their description of them. ?

  12. Sima Urí?ová says:

    11 Stelena´s fans unlike this amazing video… ;DDDD
    #TeamDelenaForverBitcheeez ? ? ? ?

  13. Elizabeth Zambrano says:

    I love….t.vd….I love……?

  14. Lalita Uea-amornleot says:

    I like Ian very much. He has extremely attractive eyes. FC DELENA!!!!?

  15. Love Reigns says:

    I think this is a great representation of how real their love is. I would
    be curious to see if a Stelena fan could find quite as much evidence.?

  16. kittystackhouse says:

    “We`ll survive this, we always survive”
    That exactly what I thought after watching last nights episode : )

    Love your video!?

  17. jessica ines says:

    Whats Song its that?

  18. 4everDelenaBATB says:

    This video is AWESOME
    Delena FTW
    my OTP will forever be in my heart
    I don’t need reasons to ship Delena as From Day 1 i have shipped them!
    Amazing Videoo ?

  19. potterlover1999 says:

    Im going to cry. Thank you for this.?

  20. Sinuo Guo says:

    <3 <3 <3?

  21. nathalie harry says:

    so beautiful video thank you delena forever and ever and ever?

  22. Brenda Ribeiro says:

    Congrats!!! You are awesome!! You guys make the best videos ever!!! So in
    love w/ this one!!?

  23. Elise Marchant says:

    I think the song in the background is My Love by Sia. ?

  24. Ivana Boyanova says:

    really great!?

  25. Damon Salvatore says:

    perfect vid!!! I tried to watch again but the tears won’t let me!!!?

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