7 environmental principles

the commoner’s law presented using the world of warcraft video by Paul Gernon Tansioco.
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  1. ella3060 says:

    yup… i agree to that!!! it surely helps me my project… i mean it really

  2. dioscoro1000 says:

    yeah i like it

  3. historynonexistent says:

    everything about this was great except the comment about humans being the
    only earth creatures to mimic the image of “the creator.” and being the
    only creatures about to manipulate our environment… the fuck is that. if
    you just took that part out this would be a great video. when you start
    talking about “the” creator, you’re going to lose a lot of votes because
    the idea of one god-like entity ceating and ruling the universe doesn’t
    make any sense to me or a lot of other people..

  4. historynonexistent says:

    your right on track, but might wanna think about changing your perception
    from one god/creator to simply recognizing the creative spirit of the
    entire universe which everything living is an equal part of. celebration
    over warship. down with religion and dominationalism! thank you, that is all

  5. celine sulit says:

    wahh!!…we used ths during out lesson in ecology!!…

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