89cm Flathead, 900g Squid and a 35cm Leather Jacket. Botany Bay

Started off the day going straight to the squid grounds got to at kurnell caught 3 squid and then moved around to the landing spot and caught another 2. We t…


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  1. Botany Bay fisher says:

    Yeah man just off the groynes or those rock walls going out at kurnell, look for kelp and? cast BE persistent. I went swimming one day at kurnell and managed 2? good sized squid. Yo zuris arent a bad idea either

  2. BigR000 says:

    iv been squid fishing for ages now and still havnt? hooked squid consistantly! Good work!, No any areas i could try ? Im landbased though :/

  3. Botany Bay fisher says:

    oh and one more thing pick a drift do the drift a few? times if no luck move over and find another drift and try that one and so on, We kept moving

  4. Botany Bay fisher says:

    hey man you need to have persistence when going after squid just keep going and i guarantee you will get some. Also try and use the best squid jigs you can, we use yo zuri jigs, match the weight and the size of the jig to the water depth and run in? the tide. If you have more people on your boat you also have more types of jigs out in the water so it just makes things easier. For us we find that the slower the jig sinks and the more time we let it sink tends to work best

  5. flickinlures says:

    well iv’e looked at most of your vids now i have never targeted squid by after seeing this i will give it a crack it’s funny to see you all over my Trevally and flatty grounds got my 74cm PB 50mtrs off the pump station while i was playing russian roulette with the oil wharf security guard in his? little white car some great squid there guys did you rig em up for the bruisers at Molinuex pt ?

  6. Justin O says:

    Nice day on the bay fellas

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