A Very Merry Professor Chef (M.D.)’s Very Christmas Science Hospital

More fun at www.lucasheil.com Twitter: @lucasheil Join everybody’s friend, Professor Chef (M.D.) as he shares his Christmassy knowledge and tips to brighten …


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  1. zeekyblahIV says:

    My ears are filled with cheeseballs and my nostrils with sorbet.

  2. zeekyblahIV says:

    how does this only have 2500 views?

  3. Kody AWESOME says:

    just waisted 13 minutes of my life

  4. 2nafishandy says:

    Fuck, I got sum serious wood to this shit, eh.

  5. OoVanwaoO says:

    This is before Australia was invented. Gold.

  6. unFunkyMunky says:

    I need some tinsel, some P.V.A, a bag of defrosted noodle paste and Ronson
    550w… STAT!

  7. Holterya says:

    It’s funny, sure, but what I really like is that you’re not afraid to be
    educational as well. I think this year’s Christmas will be the best ever,
    once I try out some of these ideas around my home.

  8. Justin Dalton says:

    i use thus to put me 2 sleep at night

  9. Silent Wiggler says:

    @KodyAWSOME I just wasted 15 seconds of my life writing this comment to let
    you know that you spelled wasted wrong.

  10. jngaio says:

    My heart is filled with joy and my lungs are filled with pebbles.

  11. SFMedia says:

    Professor Chef!!!

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