Al Gore: 15 ways to avert a climate crisis

www.ted.com With the same humor and humanity he exuded in An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore spells out 15 ways that individuals can address climate change immediately, from buying a hybrid to inventing a new, hotter “brand name” for global warming.TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world’s leading thinkers and doers are invited to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes — including speakers such as Jill Bolte Taylor, Sir Ken Robinson, Hans Rosling, Al Gore and Arthur Benjamin. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, politics and the arts. Watch the Top 10 TEDTalks on TED.com, at http
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  1. patioperson says:

    Rich man, made richer by greenie idiots.

  2. guyboy625 says:


  3. patioperson says:

    The best speech Al Gore could make would touch on why he quit eating like a pig and talking like an ass.
    Stop riding those planes and take to a bike.
    You’re too fat Al, you’re sucking up more than your share of the earth’s resources.
    Could you back off on your porking, unless you’re going to market soon, and work on your IQ?

  4. patioperson says:

    Yes the earth is not a greenhouse. It resembles a greenhouse in no way.
    The earth rotates, has trade winds (as a result), has a floor of mostly water of varying deptths, ice on both poles, rotates around a sun that determines the climate, and last but not least, is a broiling orb which spews heat into the oceans with underwater volcanoes.
    Do you know of a greenhouse that resembles this planet?
    Well if you smoke enough dope and flunked grade school, I can understand you saying “yes”.

  5. patioperson says:

    Yes I do have a PhD in climatology. Sorry I lied, there is no science called climatology, and mogra, where did you get the intelligence to question anyone on climate?
    I am not a troll, Nighty fills that role quite well.
    Are you another of Nigty’s troll accounts?
    And why are you spreading lies?
    Does Greenpreach pay you that well?
    So stop posting nonsense and leave this site to those who understand science.
    There is no such title as climatologist so there can be no 96%.
    Are you retarded?

  6. Autonova says:

    missing being in a motorcade? phantom limo pain.

    thanks, im here all week.

  7. mographzach says:

    @patioperson Are you serious? Or just a troll? The earth doesn’t have a greenhouse effect? If it didn’t, the earth would be an iceball. Deniers like you are so funny.

    You seem to periodically come back to this video to continue to spread lies and misinformation. What is your motivation? 99% of climatologists agree that global warming is happening and that we’re the cause. I know it’s a scary thought, but we can solve it if people like you quit posting nonsense on a regular basis.

  8. mographzach says:

    @patioperson Great analysis sir! When did you get your PhD in climatology again? Oh wait, you don’t have one? Then stop spreading lies and helping to delay action. Thanks.

  9. patioperson says:

    Polar scientists, most of them sitting on their computer far from the poles, expect that their rigged computer programs will spiel out the results that Al Gore is paying them for.
    In reality, take away the icebreakers from the Arctic and that area will freeze solid as it did before human interruptions.
    Think about it. If you had a lake in your backyard that was freezing over, and you didn’t want that, wouldn’t you break up the ice?
    Once the Arctic winds catch these fragments, it’s open seas

  10. patioperson says:

    The earth is not a greenhouse, resembles a greenhouse in no way, there are no such things as greenhouse gases. How can a spinning planet with no roof resemble a greenhouse?
    But Globull Worming spammers can make any cartoon into reality in their minds, realists know this trick as it’s been tried over and over.
    The latest is globull worming/climate change/ climate disruption and whatever the next term that the gravy trainers will create.

  11. patioperson says:

    Experts have alway said that the ocean’s cooling, especially off the California coast, would lead to drought in Texas as it always has.
    La Nina will give Texas another year of drought.
    Indians claim that Texas once went 3 years without rainfall.
    Nothing new in the climate today except alarmist bullshit.

  12. Nightversionn says:

    Evidence / impacts of climate change series:
    Thousands of walruses haul ashore in Arctic Alaska
    U.S. scientists have unveiled new video documentation of what they say is another stunning effect of the world’s steadily warming oceans: the unusual haul-out of up to 20,000 walruses off the coast of Alaska
    Los Angeles Times, California
    15 September 2011

  13. patioperson says:

    Never mind, coast, Nighty was sending to me offering to pay big bucks, via Greenpreach, if I would stop pointing out the climate reality.
    The globull worming scam is fading fast and Nighty is looking at having to find a real job in this tough market.
    I’ve declined and therefore my life on Youtube may be suspended.
    It’s happened before, thanks to Nighty, once for 6 months and once for a year.
    If I’m off here for a prolonged period, the enviro-nazis got me.
    The warming scam is over anyway.

  14. Nightversionn says:

    @coastnative Come again? Did you reply to the right person? I don’t remember saying that to you. ;)

  15. coastnative says:

    @Nightversionn …Thanks for the reply. I have no idea why it shows my username there. I did not send these messages to this site.

  16. patioperson says:

    For updates on the declining Pacific sea levels check out Nils Axel Morner.
    Nils has been monitoring the Pacific islands for decades.
    Nils has some interesting pictures of the land uncovered by receding waters around the Maldives.
    He offered to present his discoveries to the inhabitants of the Maldives but the govt. put a stop to that bright idea.
    Seems the govt. was attempting to get in on the warming scam and didn’t want the truth getting publicized.
    Kiribati wants in as well.

  17. Nightversionn says:

    Evidence / impacts of climate change series:

    Kiribati considers ‘floating islands’ to combat sea levels
    The president of the small Pacific Island nation of Kiribati discussed the idea of building what it calls floating islands at the Pacific Islands Forum in New Zealand, where regional leaders are looking at ways to deal with climate change.
    Australia ABC News, Australia
    9 September 2011

  18. patioperson says:

    Big oil and Big Coal support Greenpreace because less oil that is drilled means bigger profits for a limited product.
    Big Oil and Big Coal will support Greenpeace until this globull worming scam has run it’s course.
    Stop the drilling the the Gulf and drive up the price of oil. Greenpeace gets her cut and the consumer gets screwed.
    Notice Nighty interrupted her hired help’s babble to post a personal note.
    Mankind is accelerating warming by paving the land. Rip up the pavement, heal the world

  19. patioperson says:

    Experts have stated emphatically that there is nothing new in the weather or climate today. Everything that is happening has happened before.
    Except that there are more stupid Yanks building homes in the forests knowing that these woods have burnt before and will burn again.
    Cut the trees, utilize the wood, or wait while nature burns the bush.
    This has been happening since Christ rode his ass to Jerusalem, and this will happen again. Some people never learn history and are doomed to repeat.

  20. patioperson says:

    Evidence of global cooling: the last decade of declining temperatures.

    Ignace Weekly Times

  21. Nightversionn says:

    Evidence / impacts of climate change series:
    Weather disasters keep costing U.S. billions this year
    From the blizzard that dumped almost two feet of snow on Chicago, to killer tornadoes and heat waves in the south, to record flooding, to wildfires that have burned more than 1,000 homes in Texas in the last few days, Mother Nature has been in a vile and costly mood.
    8 September 2011

  22. Nightversionn says:

    @patioperson And mankind is accelerating it, go tell Exxon, your employer

  23. patioperson says:

    Evidence of climate change: The last billion years of natural changes in climate.

  24. Nightversionn says:

    Evidence / impacts of climate change series:
    Africa’s mollusc stocks at risk from ocean acidification
    Fishermen in Haiti and some African countries could lose their livelihoods as ocean acidification causes a decline in mollusc populations, a study has found.
    SciDev Net
    31 August 2011

  25. patioperson says:

    Want to save the earth? Get the CO2 up to 2000 ppm (a mere one fifth of one percent). That would be a good start.

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