Allied Waste/ Old Pacific Waste truck is this the end? [Read Description]

So, I came home on Friday afternoon, I didn’t have a chance to catch the Yard Waste, so I went truck hunting, I meet up with a new truck doing trash I asked …
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  1. TheTrashman97 says:

    @Dano739 well according to the general manager he says that Allied Waste
    has been working here since 1997. But I was like no because Pacific was
    before Allied so I was confused. So maybe you’re right maybe they have been
    operating under Allied name

  2. Burrtec100 says:

    @3amrepmike3 yeah i went to my grandmas old neighborhood to get wm footage
    and all the heil and c&o trucks are gone now replaced with amrep asls and
    mc neilus with currato cans i just hope they keep the wittke s

  3. TheTrashman97 says:

    @Dano739 yeah your right Laidlaw Waste Systems very nice logo, never seen
    it before! nice color scheme reminds me of the good old days when pacific
    was around! then Allied to republic oh no!

  4. TheTrashman97 says:

    @Dano739 also they just announced Republic will be servicing here in a
    matter of months/years check out the truck on my channel!

  5. mtr82952 says:

    @TheTrashman97 Oh allright, cool, yeah I only have 6 carts but I have like
    20 manual bins and 10 recycle bins

  6. Solid Waste Entertainment says:

    do they still have the Curtto can 1 the frist curtto can? and is any of
    them still the Pacific Waste blue color?

  7. TheTrashman97 says:

    @trashlover869 they might, but they have trucks that aren’t even a year old
    yet why would you get rid of those too? get rid of the older ones first, is
    what I think they’re going to do.

  8. TheTrashman97 says:

    @3amrepmike3 Its cool that they get new trucks but, I grew up with the old
    trucks, they’re like a part of my memory, They’re also getting rid of my
    favorite truck in the fleet which sucks alot!, I hope I can get it before
    times up, and I got more coming! So stay tuned!

  9. Dano739 says:

    @ranger220022 Laidlaw was my favorite trash company back in the
    day…haven’t seen their trucks in person since 1990( Laidlaw international
    sold off a bunch of its assets, including its solid waste companies in
    Florida and other parts of the southeast in August of that year). I imagine
    these Pacific trucks were once a part of laidlaw’s fleet in CA. Laidlaw
    international sold its entire solid waste business back in 1996 to Allied,
    so they maybe Pacific operated under Allied all along..IDK.

  10. TheTrashman97 says:

    @AlliedWaste76 I agree I hate Republic in Allied Colors. Makes me sick.
    Republic should have stayed brown and white. thats their color. They do
    have some trucks left but they just got rid of a bunch of them and
    converted into CNG. So all the trash drivers have new Autocar Mcneilus CNG
    trucks. Watch some more of my videos you’ll see what I mean. Oh and yes
    they just purchased 2 new trucks that say Republic. So in the next serveral
    years my nightmare will come true.

  11. TheTrashman97 says:

    @AlliedWaste76 they have a couple (i mean like 4 left) and no they all are
    painted AW blue, for a long time. they were black when pacific was inchage.
    but painted blue when AW roled in . its mainly a curotto can 2 fleet and a
    slammin eagle fleet now.

  12. Solid Waste Entertainment says:

    I think Republic is doing the same thing when Allied bought out BFI

  13. TheTrashman97 says:

    @AlliedWaste76 oh they didn’t!! it just got eaten by the sun and faded!!
    that sticker has been on that truck for almost 6 years!!! and Thanks!!

  14. MrGunSlanga says:

    that was very nice video dude this my first time viewin your channel i will
    sub n send a friend request

  15. Alex Clemmans says:

    ya my driver said kearney mesas gonna get the old trucks from chula vista

  16. Solid Waste Entertainment says:

    did they convert any of the Pacifc Waste truck of just scraped them ?

  17. bdmcneilusmsl says:

    Nice man! Fast curotto can!

  18. Dano739 says:

    @TheTrashman97 The title of the movie is “Rad”. I found a clips of the
    movie on youtube. In the first part, there is a guy on a BMX doing a stunt
    on a dumpster about 6 or 7 min. into it. Being that the company was sold
    before people were posting vids on the internet, it’s the only footage of
    one of their trucks that I know of. I wish I had the presence of mind to
    get vids (even VHS) when I was a kid of some of these trucks when they were
    around my town years ago…oh well…

  19. 3amrepmike3 says:

    yea, ton of companies in california are getting rid of old trucks this year
    because of an emissions standard. Companies get some sort of compensation
    for getting rid of their trucks older than 10 years of age. So please film
    as much as you can, these trucks are really very cool and unique

  20. Solid Waste Entertainment says:

    dam it when Republic said they would oprate in New Mexico I hope they
    oprate under the name of ALLIED and currntly we waste Management as our
    trash group i’ll get some footage of my recycle driver Heil python he is
    the cooliest driver he let me ride in the truck!!!!

  21. mtr82952 says:

    @TheTrashman97 Oh allright, sweet can you a make a video of all your carts?
    I do not think any one here even has any BFI carts.

  22. Dano739 says:

    Yeah, like I wrote before, I figured Pacific must have been a result of
    allied’s purchase of Laidlaw back in ’96 because the trucks look the exact
    same. Thanks again for posting this…great stuff!! Post more of these
    older trucks if you can.

  23. ranger220022 says:

    Reminds me of LAIDLAW garbage trucks,the paint job does.

  24. TheTrashman97 says:

    @ranger220022 thats what Pacific Waste was. Same colors (Laidlaw colors)
    different name

  25. Solid Waste Entertainment says:

    Great looking truck love the combo of Wittke and Volvo WXLL and Pacific
    Waste colors. hey what hell why did they take the AW off the side of the

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