Aquaponics start to finish

FAQ: How much did this set up cost? First, please keep in mind that I live in Hawaii and EVERYTHING costs much more here than anywhere else. This is a comple…
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  1. TheModernMonkey says:

    would you and could you put earth worms in this??

  2. kevin chambers says:

    Aquaponics start to finish: http://youtu.be/zA8S6umoC34 via @youtube?

  3. poiboi808 says:

    Holy crap! Is that Scott A.? Haven’t seen him since E Noa! Tell him I said
    wassup! This is Pat, BTW!?

  4. CookingAndCrafting says:

    It is a gravel and the aerator shoots off the tube that runs up into the
    plant bed.

  5. Ralde Deodor says:

    What did you use on your row beds? Gravels? How about in your fish tank,
    did you use aerators or did I just missed them?

  6. CookingAndCrafting says:

    They did extremely well and continue to do so. NO ADDED NUTRIENTS. They get
    it all from the fish poo :) I don’t touch them unless I harvest them!

  7. Guy in the Rusty Truck says:

    I notices you started your plants right away after construction. How did
    they do and also did you use additional nutrients and if so which ones.

  8. Godwin Tan says:

    How would you grow vegetables in an aquaponics system from seed? Do you
    spinkle the seeds on top of the gravel or would you bury the seeds? Thank

  9. CookingAndCrafting says:

    I personally start them in starter conditions.. either myself or sometimes
    purchased. The only thing that starts off as seeds are the basil plants, as
    the flowers drop their seeds and I just let them go. I much prefer being in
    control of the spacing

  10. TheOnlyKateslate says:

    The text above states that she spent 559 dollars, not ‘thousands.’

  11. CookingAndCrafting says:

    Thanks, I’ll do that. I tweaked it today but I still think it should go
    even slower. The fish are doing good. They had a little rough patch a
    couple of months ago and they stopped eating. I googled and someone said,
    “do you have a cat? it could be fishing.” I was like LIGHTBULB! There had
    been a stray in the yard. I’m not sure how many are left in there, I’m
    fairly certain some of them were fished out by the cat :( But I covered the
    sides, and covered the top and they are doing a LOT better

  12. Sailorperson1 says:

    WOAH! This looks cool! I had never heard of aquaponics before this. HOLY-
    you have an underwater camera :DDDD Are you going to update us on it every
    so often? I’m curious to how it’ll turn out.

  13. Ultimatecruegirl says:

    Such an awesome system. Thanks so much for answering my question.

  14. ataylorai1 says:

    That is so cool.

  15. Erin Rutter says:

    Roughly how much did this cost you to set up if you dont mind me asking?
    Ive just become Green Prefect at my High School and I think this could be a
    pretty cool thing to introduce to our school garden :) Unless climate has
    something to do with how it works, then we have a problem as I live in
    rainy England lol Thanks Erin

  16. Isaac Naipo says:

    One shake sign tall!!! Lol love it! Hawaiian measurement

  17. sunsetlover says:

    Wow you can really see the weightloss with scott… he looks great. This is
    interesting, I have heard of it doing this but never seen it going on.

  18. Dominique Love says:

    @CookingAndCarfing your welcome I so glad to hear your the best Beth cyber
    hugs&kisses lol?????????????????

  19. CookingAndCrafting says:

    Hi Jeanette!

  20. orbital151 says:

    I wouldn’t be able to kill the fishies.

  21. CookingAndCrafting says:

    I am having trouble wrapping my head around it. We’ll see if I can do it…

  22. Nadine's Mixed Plate says:

    I think it’s because i’m from HI that I caught that & can totally
    appreciate it since i’m away from home now! LOL K & no forget…I’m still
    waiting on the taegu how-to video….can def get cod fish here at the Asian
    Markets but weird thing is they don’t sell Taegu! :o(

  23. pitba7 says:

    I couldn’t have worded Kswag11 ‘s comment any better, and I hope it makes
    you even a little happier to know that there will be TWO people setting up
    garden. I am excited to get started and ill upload a video of it when its
    finished! Thanks.

  24. Cheryl Fordoon says:

    Thank you for the video. I’ve just created my own aquaponics system. It’s
    simple and it looks and functions similar to the system that cost you
    thousands more, by simply following this guide Have a look at below website
    for more information: easy-aquaponics.help1.info

  25. Lacquerandlace Vintage at heart says:

    Can not wait for updates on this :)

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