Aquarium Advice – Gravel or Sand? by Tyne Valley Aquatics

In response to the most common question I get asked in the shop “Should I use gravel or sand in my tank?” PLEASE PHONE SHOP ON 01661844005 WITH ANY QUESTIONS…


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  1. Charlie Rutledge says:

    Thanks for all the great advice and cool vids! Thumbs up and sub’d. Hope
    you can sub my channel as its new and I only have one follower at the
    moment.:-) best luck for 2014.?

  2. Kirkyarcher says:

    Has anyone else mentioned or noticed the pair of eerie yellow “eyes”
    looking out from the back of tank 95 @ 1.25?

  3. Ryan Anthony says:

    Hey! Thanks!!! This video was great!! I have gravel in my tropical tank and
    wish I had gone with sand! I am thinking about switching. Should I just put
    the sand on top of the gravel and it’ll fill the little holes between
    gravel or should I just take the gravel out and switch with sand??

  4. Andrew Mills says:

    I’m thinking of getting another tank after a break of 10 years or so of
    keeping tropical fish, and have a couple of questions.

    Are there any issues with anaerobic bacteria with sand? Or is it just a
    case of not having the substrate too deep, and “disturbing” it when

    How well do plants do with sand?


  5. Doug C says:

    Hey there i commented here a few weeks ago asking how i shouod go about
    changing my substrate to sand.. i took your advise and got it done. It
    looks great and the S.A. community tank looks excellent. I just posted a
    video of the completed setup on youtube go to my channel and let me know
    what you think. Thanks again if you werent in another country i would
    defenitly payyou back by stopping in and purchasing some stuff.?

  6. James Howard says:

    Is it possible to keep cory cats with gravel??

  7. CichlidKeeperJoey says:

    10 gallon saltwater aquarium setup: Damsel?

  8. sleepinthebreeze says:

    I have a bristlenose pleco & I’m not sure if I should switch to sand?
    Because it sucks on the stones to get the algae off and I’m not sure if it
    can do that with sand??

  9. bloodyhetza says:

    Thanks for the info c:?

  10. darthdimi1 says:

    hey would sand be suitable for a turtle tank? and with filtration will i
    need to worry about the bacteria as much?

  11. ghtyn says:

    with sand do you get algae on the glass below the sand surface.And if so it
    must be tricky using a algae pad without scratching glass.cheers?

  12. William K says:

    I use gravel and sand together. It looks great with natural color gravel
    speckled with larger red gravel rocks. I have a white sand path that goes
    from the front right to the back left of the tank that is lined with larger
    stones. It looks awesome and the cories like to hang around the sand.
    Works ok for me with both.?

  13. jason meza says:

    69….if you know what i mean xD?

  14. Mahdi Hussain says:

    Sad to hear that , most often people are told they are good tank cleaners
    and i still hear that from some staff at a PAH, you most likely know who i
    refer to :) btw does your shop do mail order ??

  15. Michael Green says:

    Hi great vid love the advice got a new aqua one 980 any hints or tips

    Aqua one 980 style?

  16. Antonius vd Klis says:

    Great advice all the time here, thanks! I will start up a 1100 liter tank
    in about 4 month, at the moment renovating the house. I will for sure take
    sand, i like a tank with a diversity from plants and peaceful fish, also
    not to many. 35 year ago, my father had always a aquarium, the problem
    always was the technical site from it. Today that’s a lot better. In that
    time only, steel frame tanks, bad filtering and so on. He was using one
    type off sand, but was washing the first layer very carefully and to cover
    the first layer with around 1″ from the same sand he was washing and
    cooking it. As nutrition for the plants he was using clay from the garden,
    rolled in cigarette paper without the adhesive edge. Then he pushed the
    small roles in the sand in the area were the plants suppose to come. The
    results were amazing! Great plants and never a problem. I know its old
    fashion, but a cheaper and a more effective method i never found. Once a
    week he did a small water change and at the same time sucked with a piece
    garden hose the top layer clean. Nice to read all comments here. Cheers.?

  17. Crystal Silva says:

    Hey I have a 10 gallon fresh water tank with 2 loaches and a catfish. I use
    sand all the time but some people said using pebbles instead og gravel is
    ok too. Should I keep the sand or switch to pebbles? ?

  18. Brett Schultz says:

    I have loach and Cori in my 20gal tropical tank – it’s all gravel and it’s
    hard to get live plants started (or keep them). Should I switch to
    gravel? I’ve had this tank now for nearly 2 years and want to start
    advanced planting. What sand should I get? Also, currently with gravel my
    tank has a rather white-ish tint to the water and my hard water and pH is
    way too high. Thank you! Your video is great!?

  19. Davyd Silva says:

    Hi Richard, how are you doing?
    Which sand is appropriate to use in the aquarium? Would you recommend a
    good one please?
    Between 1mm to 5mm which is the best for pleco, clown loach, cichlid and
    Hope you are doing well.
    I like your videos a lot, I wish I could find some advise like your in
    Cheers mate!?

  20. Eddie Alvarado says:

    I have a question is there a way to make a sand cleaner that won’t suck up
    the sand but clean up the poop and any uneated food?

  21. Doug C says:

    I currently have a midsize gravel substrate in my 55g tropical but want to
    change to sand for ph reasons as i want to move into apistogrammas and live
    plants. My queation is how could i change the substrate in an already
    established tank without completely destroying my nitrogen cycle. is this
    even possible? Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. ?

  22. Mahdi Hussain says:

    If you plan to use sand in your aquarium and then later add catfish be
    warned they will try to burrow into your sand and may even up root plants
    and ornaments, i have had Pleco and Gibbiceps and they love the sand but as
    you may know they hate each other and may start fighting and with a sandy
    substrate could cause a right mess :D, smaller species are fine, bristle
    nose catfish and the like.?

  23. ewingman191 says:

    i have fancy guppies would you recommend sand or gravel??

  24. grettz1 says:

    Thanks for your reply. I was referring to the method you use to stir up the
    sand, let the dirt settle down on the sand and then vacuum off the top of
    the sand. I wanted to know if that method can be used on gravel. I
    appreciate the answer you gave me. I’ll try your method on the gravel.?

  25. jackson jones says:

    Hello I have a very important? I wanna use super naturals sand but I’m
    afraid it will ruin my 2 marineland emperror 400 power filters what is
    better for the filter or is there away around keeping sand from the power
    filter and ruining the filters please help asap?

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