Architecture is the only course at the University that combines the intellectual challenge of a Cambridge degree with the opportunity for creative design. Ou…


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  1. Cambridge University says:

    In addition to our A level requirements, all applicants are expected to
    show a portfolio of recent work at interview. This isn’t expected to be
    work of an architectural nature, but it should illustrate your interests,
    experience and ability in the visual and material arts. Exact entry
    requirements can vary from College to College, so please contact the
    College you wish to apply to and they will be able to advise you.

  2. Lumenian says:

    I really want to take BA course in Cambridge. The problem is that I’m from
    Belarus and we got 11 years secondary education here without sixth form.
    Will finishing two years of Belarusian university (course “achitecture”) be
    considered as sixth form? If yes what grades (from my Senior Secondary
    Education Certificate or from University exams) will you ask me for? Thanks
    a lot.

  3. Reviews - Unboxings & Other Stuff says:

    Lol yeah ,I actually like it

  4. LA ishaa says:

    i live 2 hours away but hopefully when my family move we will move closer
    rather than further away :'(

  5. Ruby Chan says:

    I’m studying the A-levels now and I want to take this course. However, I’m
    not studying Art or History of Art and I don’t have much drawing
    experiences. I’m taking Math, Further Math, Physics and Chemistry for the
    AS level. Will it be possible for me to get in? And, what else could I do
    for me to get a better chance? What about the working experience? Would it
    be better if I have one?

  6. Sophie W says:

    it sounds sort of similliar to two door cinema club – what you know..

  7. Coolmedia234 says:

    What sort of GCSE grades are required to be accepted?

  8. Cambridge University says:

    Cambridge assesses applicants on their own individual merits and would not
    reject an applicant based on the performance of their school. If your
    predicted grades and personal statement are strong enough, and if you
    perform well enough in interview, you will be offered a place regardless of
    which school you attend.

  9. Cambridge University says:

    Please see the link we have added to the bottom of the description for this
    film – it will take you to the ‘Applying for Undergraduate courses’ page of
    the Department of Architecture’s website, where you can download a
    recommended reading list.

  10. Cambridge University says:

    Our standard offer for all courses is A*AA at A level. There is no
    prescribed combination of A Level (or equivalent) subjects required for
    Architecture, although a combination of arts and sciences is considered the
    best preparation. The majority of applicants have studied Art or History of
    Art, and Mathematics is also encouraged. If you have specific questions
    about how your OCD might affect your studies or application, please email
    our Disability Resource Centre at disability@admin.cam.ac.uk.

  11. maya3h3 says:


  12. Ruby Chan says:

    Thank you so much. Also, I’m wondering if which high school I’m studying
    matters? I have a friend here in Westonbirt School and she just applied to
    your school which got rejected because of the overall results in our school
    was not good enough. I just want to know if I have to transfer to another
    school since mine wasn’t good enough for applying to Cambridge.

  13. jcb0204 says:

    thankyou, it isnt bad, it only comes back rarely, thankyou for messaging me!

  14. Raketlama1 says:

    i live in denmak so im not sure about i can do this

  15. Aslesha Salkar says:

    so after a RIBI part 1 BA (Hons) degree you have to work a year and than go
    for RIBI part 2 than work another year before RIBI part 3 professional
    examination? I want to study at Cambridge University.

  16. Cambridge University says:

    Generally, we have found that A level results are a better indicator of
    performance than GCSE results, so no specific GCSE results are usually
    required. Our standard A Level offer is A*AA. However, as admissions
    criteria can vary slightly from College to College, you might want to email
    the admissions office of the College you wish to apply to, for some more
    detailed advice.

  17. rondjepondje says:

    OMG I want to take this course! It’s a pity I live in The Netherlands, but
    it might be possible…

  18. 21JenyA95 says:

    I want to become an architect. Currently I’m studying at RuTC, doing
    Architecture, Graphics and Maths. I get predicted A*, A* and C
    respectivley, but I know that I can get at least a B (aiming for A). I
    missed an OXBRIDGE deadline this year, therefore I didn’t apply to
    Cambridge. So is there any chance of me getting in with A*,A*,B + VERY GOOD
    PORTFOLIO if I take a Gap year. Thank you.

  19. Ruby Chan says:

    Thank you so much! I would love to study in your school someday. I wonder
    is there any other requirement or skill that you are looking forward to see
    in a student? For example like reading books, and is there any books you
    recommend for students apply to read as we can be prepared?

  20. jcb0204 says:

    i want to take the couse. im 13 now, planning ahead. but despite the fact i
    am in top math and science, i still dont think that i will be good enough
    to get into here… i have OCD so it often interfiers with my tests. what
    grades and A-levels do i have to get and do if architecture is my final
    decision??? i will be ao gutted if i don’t get in! architecture is my only
    dream job.

  21. Cambridge University says:

    Please email Cambridge Admissions Office directly at admissions@cam.ac.uk,
    providing details of qualifications you have gained and/or are currently
    studying, as well as the course you would like to apply for at Cambridge.
    They will then be able to advise you.

  22. MrBosnian1337 says:

    architectural engineers will kick your a**es any time! ;)

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