Assist Resident with Bedpan CNA Skills

View how this skill should look when performing for the Florida CNA State Exam. View to proper way to assist a patient in using a bedpan, as well as viewing …


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  1. sabrinastar2005 says:

    I’m gonna have to watch these videos more i failed my skills test.?

  2. Esmeralda de la guerra says:

    like kay tooth said I was also taught NOT to use a privacy blanket , the
    only time it was used was when given bedbath and it was referred to as a
    ‘bath blanket’ otherwise it was never used on any other skills ,resident is
    NOT exposed because we keep resident covered with the sheet and uncover
    only parts that are being washed ,why are we being taught one thing and
    then the state wants something else, my state exam is coming soon and I
    don’t know if if i will fail the skills if i don’t use a privacy blanket
    ,could it be that certain areas of florida don’t use them anymore for the

  3. Velly Jay says:

    Well in NYS no matter the skill the resident gets to have their privacy?

  4. Jamie Littles says:

    I thought you couldn’t fan anything in the air

  5. 4yourCNA says:

    No, because you have not left the room and are still working on the same

  6. 4yourCNA says:

    Any skill where the patient may be exposed in any way requires a privacy
    blanket. Think of how you would feel lying in bed in a hospital gown with
    no sheet (cold and exposed) so anytime we remove the sheet, we must place
    something over the patient.

  7. 4yourCNA says:

    Yes, the commode is simply a visual aide for the videos. Please see our
    introduction video for more information.

  8. Kay tooth says:

    Do you have to use the privacy blanket for all skills? I notice in these
    videos it is used everytime besides feeding, etc. My skills class did not
    teach us to use the blanket for everything, this is why I am asking?

  9. Esmeralda de la guerra says:

    why did she empty bedpan into a commode ? I am assuming that in real life
    she empty it into the toilet , RIGHT ???

  10. Tania Guerra says:

    Do you have to wash your hands before applying gloves the second time?

  11. 4yourCNA says:

    Yes, the patient should be given something to wash up with after using the
    bedpan (either a soapy washcloth or a hand wipe is sufficient). Certainly,
    having the patient wash their hands at the sink with soap and water is the
    best option, but the patient is unable to leave the bed (or they wouldn’t
    have needed a bedpan in the first place), so we have to make do and help
    them clean their hands in the best possible manner. Good luck!

  12. 4yourCNA says:

    Not everyone is cut out for healthcare. You must evaluate your own
    limitations. However, to mock someone else because you do not posses the
    desire, determination or aptitude for an occupation that they feel
    compelled to pursue is juvenile and mean and will not be tolerated on this

  13. Leah Tardif says:

    To pass the Florida Prometrics CNA test …When returning toilet paper and
    wipes to drawer do I have to use a paper towel to open the drawer because
    my hands will be clean as I just cleaned and disinfected bedpan and removed
    my gloves….

  14. 4yourCNA says:

    Regarding the infecction control principles, you should NOT touch the call
    light or bed controls with soiled gloves, because you will further soil
    those surfaces and the patient touches those surfaces, which can cause
    infections and illnesses. Remove your gloves (or use a barrier between
    soiled gloves and surfaces) before touching those items. Put a second set
    of gloves on to remove, empty and clean the bedpan then remove those gloves
    before touching any surfaces. Thanks!

  15. 4yourCNA says:

    Yes, you may use soap, if you wish. All that is required is for you to
    rinse the bedpan (or any other basin) with water for the exam. I show using
    a disinfectant because this is becoming the standard in many clinical
    environments to ensure that supplies are clean when storing which helps
    with infection control. Disinfectant spray or soap is extra and not
    required for the exam. We wish you the best of luck in your test tomorrow!
    Let us know how you do!

  16. pearlst904 says:

    She’s giving tissue because we CNA’s are to promote independence Duhhh

  17. 4yourCNA says:

    I cannot post links in this reply box. Go to allcnas (dot com) and click on
    CNA Registries. Look down the list for New York and click on the Prometric
    link on the left column. Look for clinical skills ckecklist on Prometric’s
    site. Hope this helps! Good luck!

  18. 4yourCNA says:

    You will create hospital corners anytime you have an untucked sheet on the
    foot of the bed. The purpose is to keep the corners of the sheet off the
    floor. Since there is no reason to untuck a sheet during any other skill,
    you will not have corners hanging down to worry about. All other skills
    that require a privacy blanket will have you pull the sheet down toward the
    bottom of the bed, but will not require you to completely untuck the sheet.
    If you do, you must re-tuck at the end and do corners.

  19. 4yourCNA says:

    Regarding side rails in general: Side rails are not graded for the exam.
    Siderails are not used in many settings (such as home care, assisted living
    and nursing homes) and the CNA must know how to do the skills without them
    safely. Regarding this skill: the patient remains in the center of the bed
    so side rails aren’t even necessary at all. You need two sets of gloves:
    one set to place the bedpan and one set to remove the bedpan and empty. 6
    sets of gloves are not necessary. Good luck!

  20. tjcp32289 says:

    I can’t wait to go on my internship so I can see how its done in person
    these videos are really helpful I take notes when I’m watching so I will
    remember what to do when I have take my test

  21. AmandaA says:

    Omg! .Im planning on taking my state board in 2 weeks and I must say your
    videos are so helpful, the best I’ve seen on YouTube. Thanks again

  22. 4yourCNA says:

    I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Best of luck!

  23. whambug says:

    If there is no spray to clean out the bedpen do we use soap? I take my
    state test tomorrow in Fort Myers I’m super nervous.

  24. 4yourCNA says:

    The bedpan (for the exam) is unused and will be cleaned and disinfected
    before being stored, as such it is not a fomite. You may certainly place it
    on a protective barrier, but this is not a testing standard as the
    evaluator and the test administrators understand infection control
    principles and do not consider the bedpan a fomite. You must wear gloves
    before touching a USED bedpan, certainly. But a clean bedpan is clean and
    requires no gloves- You may wear gloves if you wish.

  25. AncientTempler says:

    I’m only a beginner student nurse, but this week in tutorials we are
    practicing toileting and having to sit on a bedpan to learn some empathy. I
    really like how the verbal communication forms to keep the situation less

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