Biology 1B – Lecture 1: Introduction / Fungi

General Biology.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. Kevin Hall says:

    many thanks from all of us for delivering lectures in a way everyone can
    understand and be motivated about our natural enviroment. Seems evolution
    added another twig to it’s tree when the lecturer’s cybernetic spore
    germinates a passion for us all to want to be more aware of Mother Nature’s

  2. Stanzo Ndichu says:

    1 good lec.thank u

  3. Eduardo lugo says:

    I would hate to be in a class like that… almost crowded and microphone..

  4. egghead37able says:

    he looks like david stern

  5. Piluttatingeling says:

    Ragnarok2042 , is it really neccessary calling me an idiot ? For what use ?
    I am so sorry there are angry people like you in the world… FYI , after
    he was ennobled in 1757 he took the name “Carl von LinnĂ©”.

  6. prchecker says:

    This is a great video

  7. pudodrewculous says:

    @sonikhechog THANK YOU lol!

  8. Sayera Musfika says:

    where is this website with the syllabus that they are talking about?

  9. BabyGirlxBina says:

    terrible handwriting though…

  10. ao c says:

    I’m taking Bio at UCLA and I wish my teacher could lecture like him

  11. Anae420 says:

    i wish i was attending Berkeley!! HSU is still a good school..but this is a
    great lecture and he seems like a great professor.

  12. SKyESTaRR23 says:

    Dang… and I thought I wrote bad on a chalkboard

  13. icpfan19 says:

    @neotri45 me 2

  14. BabyGirlxBina says:

    i wish my colllege had professors like so

  15. prokarajan says:

    @SexyNeverLeft69 Does it matter at all?

  16. jerkyflexoff777 says:

    no wonder i did notlearn anything shit at college. this d..k did not put
    ant intresting info into his class till 20.00min. I would be a sleep by
    then. why not explain the info in mor detail. watch him writing on the
    board. he writes that quicker than hes talking. less bull more intrest. We
    all wanna be here. well i recon 80% of your students dont!

  17. SexyNeverLeft69 says:

    is he gay? lol just wondering

  18. zzizioziom says:

    Sorry, in Ameryka is GCSE too ?

  19. SexyNeverLeft69 says:

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i hate my computer it’s lagging!!

  20. Jefferdaughter says:

    A situtation where independant thinking and original ideas are encouraged.
    Sign me up!!!

  21. overespionage says:

    so many layers of black board :)

  22. eggiwegsi says:

    @picaticatara just because you failed

  23. TheSpikeystuff says:

    Very enjoyable thank you

  24. Sharma Sudershan says:

    u save my 30 minutes thanks

  25. hd50Bouted says:

    Great video, but I understand why he says fungi with a soft-G when he also
    says fungus and fungal with a hard-G. There also seems to be a point where
    he’s going to say fungi with a hard-G but stops and corrects himself. Just
    nitpicking but still, interesting stuff.

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