Bo Bunny Zoology Mini Album Tutorial Missing part 7.wmv

Sorry guys, don’t know what has happened with part 7 tutorial so here is just a short version to explain what I did. If you have any questions please ask in …
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  1. melissaJ1975 says:

    I wonder what youtube did with your video???? Thanks for taking the time
    to run through what you did – it was easy to follow!

  2. LaChelle1962 says:

    I use head phones on my computer to be alble to hear that helps. I also
    have some cheap computer speakers i got at bigs lots for like 5 buck and
    the make the sound really loud i can control how loud I want it. Not sure
    why your video sounds are so low Debbie. I like watching so i just got some
    things to fix the problem on my end. Keep up the good work Debbie.

  3. CreaBoetiek says:

    sorry, i cant hear a thing, your sound is not great. love the album anyway!

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