Bo Bunny Zoology Mini Album Tutorial Part 6

Here I add extra hidden pockets and belly band for tags.


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  1. faeriecrafts says:

    Those are really fun papers, did you buy them single or in a stack? Like
    what you did with them a lot Tracy xx

  2. melissaJ1975 says:

    Hi Debbie, your album is coming along really nicely – love how you did the
    hidden pocket. I haven’t got these papers either but after seeing your
    album they’re going on my wishlist!

  3. Debbie Hemsworth says:

    Hi Tracy, when I purchased these papers it was quite a while ago so I am
    not sure if you can still get the whole collection. I have just got a few
    more sheets so I can finish of the album but I could only get a certain
    amount, they didn’t have the whole collection. You need to have a good look
    around I am sure that you will still be able to find the complete
    collection some where. They really are beautiful papers, give them a try.
    Hugs Dx

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