Botany Bay – Bot Judgement Day!

Newspost: http://services.runescape.com/m=news/botany-bay This week, Jagex has a treat for all bots and players alike. If you’re caught botting now, you wi…
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  1. stud scape says:

    nice intro!

  2. PBcombat93 says:

    Do the bots get warnings or do they get instantly banned? I have heard they
    get 3 warnings and then they get banned, is that why I never see any bots
    on trial in the botany bay?

  3. Coltonya says:

    :O! You’re a little late :P

  4. Majinvegito3 says:

    I do too, soon as I saw it I was like OMG STAR WARS REFERENCE!

  5. Ignas Astrauskas says:


  6. zarosmystic says:

    Love the sand people pitchfork emote reference <3

  7. Majinvegito3 says:

    It’s in the description, but it’s Approaching Nirvana – “Fortissimo”

  8. Majinvegito3 says:

    Thanks! :)

  9. Majinvegito3 says:

    That’s pretty much the case, most of the ones I’ve seen have been from
    Worlds 1 and 2, and they’re mostly the autotyping advert bots

  10. Ignas Astrauskas says:

    Thanks :)

  11. Majinvegito3 says:

    I used the Orb of Oculus to record a full trial with all the commentary
    included as well by turning the in-game sounds on and setting Fraps to
    record audio from the game.

  12. TheTOTALHEAVY says:

    how did you record the ending part?

  13. Majinvegito3 says:

    Yeah sadly. I tried to get the video up before I had to go out of town for
    the day but my upload speed decided to be absolute shit. Delayed the video
    a good 18 hours :

  14. Coltonya says:


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