Botany Bay Bottles Recycling Pt 1

One Wednesday during January 2009, I visited the City of Botany Bay when they still had the manual recycling collections with crates. Down in Botany everythi…
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  1. MelbourneGarbo says:

    Oh OK then. I wanted to stop a video it but had no time.

  2. MelbourneGarbo says:

    I pretty sure it was Botany Bay where I saw URM using a Mercedes Benz rear
    loader for bottle recycling would that be right?

  3. MitchellM15 says:

    City of Sydney is where you would’ve seen it – URM has nothing to do with
    Botany Bay.

  4. smashthetrash34 says:

    nice cam clear video i wish they had this truck in qld is it just the
    bottels or is the truck quit ?

  5. firewacker432 says:

    is it me, or are they just showing off because the camera is there…? lol

  6. Trashman242 says:

    Yeah, I don’t blame them (look like lots of places w/ semi-auto collection
    have their drivers just empty lighter bins by hand for the exact reason you
    stated, not just there though). Maybe you could ask them to use it for
    one/two bins just for the camera ;)

  7. RecoveryTTA says:

    Excellent Video, why cant all citys be like this. You guys make it looke
    organized and well maintained with seperation. I am not sure if the
    residents are provided those recycling bins. If thats the case, every city
    should organize the same proceedures. Were would we be if we were all
    uniformed as your city program is.

  8. robinsonm08 says:

    this is one way to take your anger out but at the same time enjoying it

  9. Danny19921125 says:

    lol at 6:28

  10. TimberWolf212 says:

    Whew! That’s something else! Good job with shooting the footage!

  11. David Schieler says:

    he’s not even tossing the bins back too the right homes LOL

  12. Simon's Channel says:

    forgot a cart at 6:05

  13. supeirorpakraptorfan says:

    awsome ***** stars and like wat i said on part 2 great momories

  14. MitchellM15 says:

    Nope no kinda packer, only things that comes close is smashing the glass :)
    VES only does the paper and bottles; you know what the bottle truck is and
    I’m not totally sure about the paper truck – but it’s an RL, I’m sure I’ll
    find out when I’m in Woollahra. The council does the garbage and greens; I
    only saw the garbage truck that morning, but it looks like it’s JP5s for
    everything – also could swear I saw a brand new one!

  15. heiltruckfan says:

    here we have a rear loader w/ 2 guys and a driver. they’re probably faster
    than these guys cuz they dont have to sort everything. the just empty the
    bin and fling it back to the curb

  16. Trashman242 says:

    Wow, now this is awesome!! Definite favorite + feature! Didn’t realize they
    sorted it on the spot until seeing the video and descr.! Looks like there’s
    also a tipper on the side there–would love to see that in action. Can’t
    wait to see part 2!!!

  17. parramattagarbo says:

    yer it a shity concil with no 240s or 140s i know black town is behind with
    the green waste bin penrith is getting a new system this year but i did
    notice a few one 140s in the vid

  18. MitchellM15 says:

    Yer I bet they are as well, bloody hard work – but they said the fun part
    is smashing the glass lol One of them told me they’ll probably be changing
    the service soon somehow, dunno if it’s going to be with MGBs or just
    mixing all the bottles instead of sorting… coz you know, this can be a
    pretty dangerous system. I’m sure eventually all the councils will start
    with bins, I reckon down there they’d just need a weekly 140L co-mingle.
    Thanks for the words.

  19. MitchellM15 says:

    @Binboy97 Yes that is a lifter on the side, but the guys never use it. I
    won’t be returning to Botany Bay, already videoed another of these trucks
    in Woollahra and that’s the last of where they are used as far as I know.

  20. MitchellM15 says:

    Yer I was hoping they would use the tipper for those bins towards the end,
    but obviously didn’t – I bet it’s because it’s a slow piece of shit. When
    I’m in Woollahra I’ll see if the guys can operate it (if there’s a lifter
    on their truck).

  21. garagecrap says:

    They only worked so hard coz they knew they were on camera.

  22. MitchellM15 says:

    @Binboy97 Lately I’ve seen a regular rear loader doing the bottles, not
    sure if they still do the sorting in Woollahra.

  23. FormerWMDriver says:

    I’ve never seen recycle picked up like that, very impressive! Thanks for
    posting this! 5*

  24. shadofax96 says:

    Just wanted to jump in her and say Mitch, watching trashmen in your country
    is just crazy. Should be an Olympic sport. The guys in this video have some
    serious talent.

  25. Danny19921125 says:

    why no compactor? lame.

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