Botany bay fishing extracts

Just a little info vid on a couple of fish in the bay. Our next video will be on how to catch all types of livies in the bay.
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  1. Botany Bay fisher says:

    Bait fishing tactics, expand your options different baits, different sizes,
    different rigs

  2. YoufishingTV says:

    Nice video guys..when the weather is bad , it is good to watch real fishing
    videos until you can get out again. I see the go pro in action. 6 rods out
    LOL :)

  3. Botany Bay fisher says:

    hey thanks alot flickin’ where ya been not many fishing vids lately :(

  4. flickinlures says:

    good stuff fellas !

  5. Botany Bay fisher says:

    Customize your message

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