Botany Bay Runescape – Bot Nuke Fun

How many Bot Nukes does it take to get rid of the Bots? Lets hope this is the last we need.


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  1. glenn794 says:

    dumbass look at the previous video he made my runescape account
    details…jeez what an idiot lmfao

  2. Sid99221 says:

    This sucks, i got banned without botting! :@

  3. SomeGroceries says:

    And on the final day, he rested to blow each and every member of Insight
    Venture Partners.

  4. MrAddyola says:

    Youre the best smokey:D

  5. riccan132 says:

    smokey do you think jagex is just adding random ”bots” to botony bay
    because all the names look the same

  6. AprimalDwarf says:

    have a nice day too :)

  7. runescapeminecraft12 says:

    a lot

  8. glenn794 says:

    i love you =] as in a good friend way :D plus i only send nudes 4 geepees ;P

  9. Savage Beast says:

    I love you smokey!

  10. StickGamerz says:

    Im guessing i’ll see you at botany bay soon [:

  11. glenn794 says:

    did you get those nudes that i said i would send to your email? <3

  12. Plupish says:

    Haha, hard.

  13. RiseOfHe11 says:

    I like the way you say “heeelloooo andwelcome” at the beggining of every
    vid :)

  14. xxubesinxx says:

    same im botting on 2 accounts atm

  15. ells54 says:

    lol u are such a pro noob

  16. Jay D says:

    wait till one of your scripts fail then you will go to botany bay lol

  17. preceverent says:

    do you think the emotes are part of a comp cape req?

  18. billy4299 says:


  19. Firemqking says:

    i also sent nudes


    “no u”

  21. Tkmalo15 says:


  22. Bryan Villegas says:

    Death by waffles!

  23. fireemblemcolmowns says:


  24. Unresolvable says:

    1:49 kiln bot!@!@!@!

  25. driedpancake says:

    There should be a 10 second interval before the vote window closes it is
    unfair to players with lower internet connections.

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