Botany bay: Squid madness followed by flathead fun

Squid is going off in Botany Bay we caught 20 squid all up with some huge aircraft carriers. Caught on yamashita jigs.
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  1. flickinlures says:


  2. flickinlures says:

    yeah mate the silver does enough for what i want , i still don’t think i have even scratched? the surface yet on what this thing is capable of doing but hopefully the more i use it the more i’ll learn , just a tip get the piggy back battery pack and make sure you keep checking the waterproof housing before you start filming as they do tend tp fog up , but a little spit inside the case and wipe it off like you would do to a diving mask does help,look forward to seeing the new vids cheers Mark

  3. Botany Bay fisher says:

    yeah? the squid were really aggressive when we were out there. next time we are both on the bay we? should go and annihilate some squid. Oh? and btw I am happy to say that we will be getting a go pro within the next month thinking of getting the go pro hero 3 HD silver edition. Is this version of the go pro the right one

  4. Botany Bay fisher says:

    yeah its all ribbon weed and it has moved since last we were there its kind of all in one? spot now which worked for us alot

  5. YoufishingTV says:

    Ended up with one rat king after a few passes. Threw it back and went back inside to pick up the missus and kids. Kept 6 squids for dinner but none from your turf .. So that’s where you guys and flickinlures do your squidding. :)? Is that place all ribbon weeds ? . Keep the videos coming, really enjoyed it.

  6. flickinlures says:

    Well done fellas , i see you were on my patch getting those squid pretty much confirms what have been stripping my soft plastics, keep up with the vids ,make sure you check out the latest on my channel have tried some new angles on my GO PRO silver edition
    cheers? Mark

  7. Botany Bay fisher says:

    Hey man it was nice chatting with you in the morning also, we didn’t taget them at all the day after we were all squidded out ‘so to say’ never thought id get sick of eating squid. How did your ‘kingie’ day turn? out?

  8. YoufishingTV says:

    Cracking? session, Nice to bump into you guys again..Were they around the day after?

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