Botany Bay Tailor late Feb 2013

Some early Sunday morning Tailor action on botany Bay , great glassy conditions when the “flickinlures” boat went out with some eager family members to wet a…
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  1. flickinlures says:

    lol i’m trying ” lift and wind lift and wind ” i think he was watching me
    wind the winch on the boat trailer

  2. Mark McC says:

    Please teach that kid how to fish!

  3. Jason Ni says:

    wow the water looks so calm and clear. good on ya, tight lines. Fellow fish
    raider reporting in.

  4. flickinlures says:

    Good see to a raider checking out the vids tx mate , and yes it’s one of
    those rare glassy days on the Bay and its so much easier spotting the
    Tailor and Salmon chasing the bait i should have thrown the skiies in the
    boat cheers “flickinlures”

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