Botany Boys – Cloverland

From Botany’s 1997 Big Shot double album entitled “Thought of Many Ways”. This is the original version, and an H-Town classic…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. Garion Bush says:

    CloverLand….Botany and Scott all day!!!!!Southeast Side!!!!!!

  2. daKidwitdagoldcut says:

    any1 no where to get the exact lyrics to this ?

  3. bALLSACK2113 says:

    i love this song…i like it alot on dj screw 3 n the mornin!!

  4. nate4keys says:

    fucking hater ass bitch

  5. julesthapit says:

    $outh$ide 4 LIFE!!!!

  6. 211locedout says:

    It dont get much better than this

  7. daKidwitdagoldcut says:

    chi town checkin in the mix, showin love to the block that stays crunk at
    all time

  8. ThreeOneNine says:

    fuckin’ hell,that’s what i need!

  9. mArQuZ550 says:

    Lol gimmie my syrup

  10. SmoKeDOutLoCeDOut713 says:

    much propz this hoe go off…TEXAZ STAND UPP!!!!

  11. sippindrank214 says:

    classic joint, already

  12. TRUEBLUEFAN956 says:

    Botany Boyz reppin dat cloverland my hood like they said it “CLOVERLAND YOU

  13. smokenbigkilla says:

    @ChevysDontNeedOil on tha real already

  14. StrictlyBG says:

    The Westcoast G-FUNK was all over the SouthSide Back in the Days! Where is
    the good old G-Funk NOW?? miss this shit

  15. idealhome99 says:

    this is y houston is on top now cuz

  16. RVCA91 says:

    hell yeah personally i like this version oppose to the screwed one cuz man
    this beat go too hard!

  17. fnfbricksquad says:

    This shit right here is that real hood shit!!!

  18. jh4dc5s says:

    D-Town TX, showin some love right here for Botany. Luv it Mayne!

  19. prospectboy says:

    I love this cd. It got stolen from me though, so I haven’t heard this song
    in a while. Thanks so much for posting this. Reminds me of my days in high

  20. CrazyMonkeyBoy22 says:


  21. FriedOnFormaldehyde says:

    maaaan, this some trill shit here. Them boys out that Botany…H-town
    puttin it DOWN!! Classic album

  22. klrkill says:

    off dat klrkill…..ye aint kno

  23. sirPapp says:

    RIP Daunte aka B.G. Gator……..sahsiafalia

  24. jason powell says:

    @CrazyMonkeyBoy22 That’s what a lot of people dont realize about DJ SCREW,
    he remixed shit and made classics out of them. Far from just slowing it
    down like all the imitators.

  25. Danny DeepEnd says:

    botony is the block that stays crunk at all times dj screw

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