botany boys – I Am Just A Gee – Diary Of The Originator (Cha

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  1. epower48 says:

    mayne hold em up

  2. TheGSXR750MAN says:

    what chapter is this??

  3. bosshoggmex says:

    Best stuff ever invevted R.I.P Dj Screw

  4. NmeBlunts702 says:

    this gotta be some of the best shit i heard from screw.. this the jam of
    the century..

  5. theslasher713 says:

    hold up mayne

  6. BEAUTIFUL2585 says:

    this song will forever be one of the best ever made

  7. guitaoist says:

    southside guitars stand out

  8. kcwb1234 says:

    you can look up any screw song and write a coment sayin its the best song
    ever made.

  9. houston5829 says:

    Str8 Gee Shit… Southside Houston Funk

  10. GhetoGlory says:

    for all dem boys who dont respect rap in the H – underground cats can make
    it independent in the game and u can sell getting yo shit slowed down too

  11. thizzincarlton says:

    this IS my skateboarding song

  12. Ronald Johnson says:

    one of the best screw albums outs there

  13. BIGWILL65IMPALA says:

    Knock da trunk off

  14. TexasPsychoK says:

    @BEAUTIFUL2585 I was fixin’ to say the same thing. Jesus… screwed up it’s
    even better if that is possible. Conniving Colombians is all I gotta say…

  15. shapelessc says:


  16. Harley says:


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