Botany Boyz – Forever Botany Ft. Billy Cook & Nathaniel Jolivette


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  1. dhunt512 says:

    One of the greatest songs ever made! And that nigga Billy Cook is damn
    living legend!

  2. Garion Bush says:

    Dis dat Cloverland shit….dis sum of da best music ever dumbfucks

  3. trillindeed says:

    That is Billy Cook on the hook

  4. 3empathy says:

    disgusting. botany is a disgrace to nz . all mud cunts who think they run

  5. Greg Jones says:

    @3empathy wtf is wrong wit u. thats yo opinion nd dnt listen 2 them or any
    southern artist

  6. MrSt00000pid says:

    I remember about 10 yrs ago I was about 18 or 19 I would go party in the
    mexico clubs, cross my car over, so kitted out i thought i was sure gonna
    break it everytime i crawled over the big ass speed bumps at the
    checkpoint, rims, screens up, this is the song I ALWAYS had to play when i
    was outta the club feeling buzzed up and good bumpin this shit full bass
    rolling outta the club

  7. bigjasc says:

    its too bad there aint rappers like this no more mane

  8. emerik12345 says:

    stop being a jealous hater why else you on this page? cause yo sad pussy
    ass aint got shit on us TEXAS boyz

  9. lild2261 says:

    yall must not be from that dirty 3rd to talk down on botany… man gulf
    coast 4 ever!!!!

  10. swagga275 says:

    5crewed up click till i die!!!!!!!!!!

  11. keineshayancey82 says:

    I have such a good memory on this song!! The day after prom still had my
    rental went to Soundwaves off 45 south and bought the cd and kept this
    bitch on repeat!! Jamming and rolling like we do in H-Town. I love my

  12. MrEdgeup says:

    Maneee Hol up… THis song went so hard!!! Rip Gator

  13. Tammy2969 says:

    Damn it’s been a long time since I heard this lol brings back memories.

  14. SwatSoldierTilliDie says:

    that aint no damn billy cook

  15. drew2bone says:

    Yeah botany cuz, ay subcribe an add yall

  16. OwtAndAbout says:


  17. MrTj2312 says:

    @bigjasc real nigga shit

  18. Stanley4246 says:


  19. oleskoo06140 says:

    jodeci for ever my lady any1????

  20. jreal46 says:

    real nigga shit

  21. jerriel61 says:

    @SwatSoldierTilliDie yes it is

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