Botany Boyz – I’M just A G

Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. miguel montoya says:

    Dope!!!? :)

  2. Ransom Reigns says:

    MINE? TO!

  3. Illmatic Brown says:

    R.I.P? B.g Gator

  4. joedelarosa100 says:

    Right? Off Tha Muscle!

  5. Mando C says:

    Bacc n da day,? mane hold up that’s my jam

  6. Prince Brown says:

    I haven’t heard a song? like this that made me smile as soon as the song started

  7. Roderickray9 says:

    Bruh, its never too late to find? good music

  8. LokiLac88 says:

    still? my theme song

  9. KoolBear Teddy says:

    Classic? Botany track! Word Up!!!

  10. LilVicRTS says:

    i G^rew up 2 this music, …? not every thuG^ is a G^anG^sta but every G^anG^sta is a thuG^ …… ( H-Town )

  11. mbrown198222 says:

    Botany bigshot? baby

  12. machetazo713 says:

    HTOWN? TX !!!!!!!!!!MAYNE!!!!!

  13. Dbaby5638 says:

    Brindis back? so many memories!!!

  14. ShakeJuntGTWYC says:


  15. ScrewedNdChopped says:

    TEXAS !!!?

  16. emerik12345 says:

    your about 15 years late……?

  17. RC SPEED RUNS says:

    Classic song? here Mann much love Australia

  18. Armando Garcia says:

    1st time I heard bout y’all. This is a great song. Keep? it up. God Bless Y’all.

  19. LokiLac88 says:

    still my theme? song

  20. Ranjeet G Khosa says:


  21. moneyindabank6 says:

    $alute from toronto , im bumpin this shit up here ! ?

  22. 214visaboys says:

    A classic real deal no? pickle

  23. anthony enriquez says:


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