Botany Town Centre Flash Mob

A “Greased Lightning” Flash Mob hit Botany Town Centre on a beautiful Sunday afternoon! Over 100 people danced in formation to “Greased Lightning” much to th…


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  1. Wendy Palenski says:

    I was there too, did ya see me, I was sitting on the fountain wall, just
    mindin me own business, eating my lunch and then had to join in LOL

  2. cakl100 says:

    fantastic – so gutted not to see it – can they do it again and post out a
    performance time etc……….

  3. PinkyDummy8 says:

    This is fab! We need a lot more surprises like this more often! hehe!

  4. John TheRussian says:

    @jakeheke00 Tosser

  5. Adi Lalhall says:

    crack p. cant belive they did this!

  6. metalfightpower says:

    the guy who organised this was my teacher :)

  7. David Linton says:

    oh this is so win!

  8. Phenomenaman says:

    wheres an uzi when you need one?

  9. leftnut1 says:

    Very cool!

  10. dansingai says:

    Can’t believe I missed this :( I think New Zealand just became a bit more
    awesome :)

  11. enigma422 says:

    i hate grease

  12. jimdickin says:

    @gipsi2001 obviously duhhhh – just gutted cos i wanted to go there
    yesterday – but decided to go today instead – one day late :( …………..

  13. ansjoe79 says:

    Love it. Job well done.

  14. tenebras99 says:

    Hahaha! The first few guys starting it off must’ve felt soo silly. Grats
    guys. Next time try something from Glee?

  15. cochezz says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!

  16. Greg Goodyer says:

    Well done ! Fun !

  17. ishcourtney says:

    Haha love this!!! Love how they causal as just split off in different
    directions as the end.

  18. Jacinta Worrallo says:

    if only i wasn’t at the warehouse during this…

  19. BorderlineHC says:


  20. M Savage says:


  21. x0xErinWasHerex0x says:

    8 people are jealous that they weren’t there

  22. dixiechuckie says:

    This was sooooooo much fun, did ya see me at the back?!

  23. JP Rough says:

    Cute kid at the end :)

  24. berenator3000 says:

    One day I will show this video to my grandchildren and say.. “I was in the
    flashmob children” And then I shall sparkle away into the distance

  25. MAD EGO says:

    Nice job kiwi

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