Bound For Botany Bay (1988) – Part 1

The story of the first fleet, under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip. It begins in England with the British government desperate to alleviate their over…


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  1. Helene Brunker says:

    This is classic folk singing and very authentic. If you would like some more examples of? folk singing, try looking up the folk group “Pentangle.”

  2. Jortender says:

    I searched this? up just to see how I pronounce “Botany Bay”

  3. AshtrayanConvict says:

    lol convict shit i love how lame the anglo aussie is spawn? on rapists and pedos

  4. MrCutsteel says:

    @yellowpete79: She’s supposed to be a low-life convict,? not a singer :P I think her amateurish singing sounds more authentic somehow.

  5. yellowpete79 says:

    she? cant sing for shit

  6. gallactorme says:

    no? worries :)

  7. spellgrounds says:

    Interesting ! thankyou?

  8. plusplusplusplusp says:

    This is a good documentary. We had to watch it back at? school. Brings back memories!

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