“Bound for Botany Bay”, John Doyle

“Bound for Botany Bay”, performed by John Doyle (www.johndoylemusic.com) in concert at the Institute of Musical Traditions (www.imtfolk.org), Takoma Park, Ma…


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  1. David Eisner says:

    Is there a better left handed Celtic guitar player playing in DADGAD and
    living in the USA? I think not. Thanks for a great performance. Cheers.

  2. Howard Hawksley says:

    He is not playing a guitar here. If you have a close look the head stock it
    has 8 tuning pegs and there are 4 double courses of strings. It could
    either be termed a guitar shaped Octave Mandola or a short scale guitar
    bodied bouzouki. Not sure about the tuning though, it could be GDAE or GDAD.

  3. paddywhoo says:

    Im thinking John uses GDAD (lowest pitch to highest) on this guitar-shaped
    Irish bouzouki; that versus the GDAE tuning used on a regular mandolin adn
    of course is an octave lower than a mandolin.

  4. Kevin Clark says:

    The best by far, but he plays in many tunings but mainly Drop D not DADGAD

  5. oklydokly says:

    Yes i believe this one is played in CFCGCD. But I am not sure, as i’m
    pretty new to these celtic tunings. Any Idea?

  6. Tim Isaksson says:

    It’s actually a guitar-bouzuki; “…guitar bouzoukis (aka guizoukis), one
    with eight strings (four double courses, tuned F C G C)…” I can’t link
    the article here, but there’s a full interview with John Doyle at Acoustic

  7. Michael O'Sullivan says:

    Lovely John long time no see!

  8. esentito says:

    Is there a better folk player/singer, full stop? I think not :)

  9. MittenKitte says:

    Was looking for the more famous old song, but i think this is better! xx

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