Bound for Botany Bay

Home made music video.


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  1. Kalel Gintarker says:

    This video is the shittiest video i’ve ever seen on youtube, please take it

  2. Gumiriku says:

    No, not all.

  3. TehCharmanderSquad says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you very much for sharing. Very nice video.

  4. Zinnogirl says:

    hehe, das war auch bei uns im Schulbuch drinne! Seit dem habe ich irgendwie
    einen Fable für solche Musik. Find ich klasse, du auch wenn du es in
    youtube suchst? :) Oh well, that’s pretty nice! Good memory when the childs
    grow up and you had fun :)

  5. landscapecadmonkey says:

    very cute. and great the kids are being taught OZ beginnings. im 6th gen
    australian from convicts and proud of us just making something of ourselves
    from such inauspicious beginnings. great stuff guys (kids)

  6. jim davidson says:

    please let me know this version.

  7. Pedro Morales says:

    Esta canción me gusta … la conocí por la voz angelical de Mirusia…
    Australia me gusta sera por su naturaleza y su gente transparente…

  8. Crawford1994Aussie says:

    @ThePipercolethis was a school project. we had fun thats all that matters…

  9. XpinkandsparkleyX says:

    lol very funny, I loved it :)

  10. MrYoichiii says:

    i heard all australian’s are criminals ?

  11. angloalie says:

    haha very nice guys =)

  12. ThePipercole says:

    im discusted with how bad this is but good song tho

  13. Zinnogirl says:

    Hehe, hast du vielleicht ICQ Nummer oder ähnliches? Ich habe noch nie
    jemanden getroffen der das Lied mochte. ^^ Würde mich freuen <3

  14. amazonchiq says:

    its amazing this little shanty from the first fleet has survived…..the
    stuff that makes our history real

  15. Leatherwork Time says:

    I just found this video … I am from America and also I am a family man
    myself… I think this is funny and entertaining!

  16. Leatherwork Time says:

    I remember making a video with my kids years ago too … it was for a
    school project. Each of the family had a job, writers, director (me), props
    makers, and all were actors but me … as I was the camera man. My son’s
    project (which he did most of the work) was a big success at school and
    home. Treasured memories of when life was a bit simpler. So I completely

  17. UltraMorg says:

    natürlich einmal bei norbert(unserm englisch lehrer) gehört nich mehr aus
    dem kopf gegangen

  18. Donna Martin says:

    Glad you enjoyed it (Leatherworktime). I am so glad I made the videos, they
    were fun to make and it’s great to look back on them now my kids are older.
    Glad to hear you are a family man, well done! I am now a full time single
    mum to my 4 great kids, I don’t get a break, but I wouldn’t have it any
    other way!

  19. Donna Martin says:

    The band is the Windjammers. Just google Bound for Botany Bay the
    Windjammers and you should find it.

  20. bec94boo says:

    hey jess. its laura… this is some of your finest work.. i must say

  21. UltraMorg says:

    this song is in our english schoolbook- i come from germany

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