Broadside Electric: Jim Jones at Botany Bay

Live performance from 1/26/08. Broadside Electric’s take on this classic tune, in honor of Australia Day (also known as Invasion Day). www.broadside.org vide…
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  1. afleececooper says:

    Jim Jones is a Welsh name, so perhaps a broad South Wales accent would be
    better :)

  2. plainwhitejersey says:

    This is an American group, not British. The reference to Invasion Day is
    what Australian Aboriginals call Australia Day because it celebrates the
    landing of the “First Fleet” of convict ships in Botany Bay and the
    subsequent British colonization of their continent…nothing to do with

  3. salonbimrecords says:

    Kind of unsettling how they laugh about the term invasion day.

  4. Philip Clark-Lowes says:

    interesting introduction at the beginning about the americans invading
    australia and it also being called Happy Invasion day. It has an irish
    sound, however the british singer doesn’t sing in such a convincing irish
    sound. However makes up for great lyrics.

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