CNC machining, Arduino sensor gardening from Oakland shipping container

Luke Iseman is a creator: he’s invented automated gardening assistants, built a bike taxi company and designed kilns for Kenyan farmers. Like crafters of pas…


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  1. GyrlBlaque says:

    He should rename it to Growbot.If he changes the name I what my 10 % =D?

  2. wannabecarguy says:

    that cnc operation uses very low power compared to the industrial grade
    machines. I have 2 cnc routers they use single phase 110. most people don’t
    understand the advantage until they try to put a hass vf-1 in a garage
    (residential) ..I wish someone would make a plug and play stepper driver
    that I could just load my G code into. I have a pc setup just like this guy
    running xp and mach 3 only..if that pc quits on me im lost

  3. teslabamf says:

    …You spent $6000 to make a custom vent plate with your name on it.

  4. VRtechman says:

    The fog machine needs to be in a tank of it’s own but in the same
    circulation as the fish.

  5. VRtechman says:

    Wow! Well there was alot here I agreed with, but there was also alot I
    did’nt agree with. The video was too long! Too much about CNC. I’m was
    wondering if he ever heard of AQUAPONICS? I believe that’s the ULTIMATE
    answer your looking for! A refrigerator size box with a tank of fish on the
    bottom. and rack of plants up to the top! All lit with RED/BLUE LED’s. And
    that fog machine in the middle. But not in the tank with fish!

  6. James Workman says:

    LOVE IT!!! and for the record.. Shipping Containers are FANTASTIC!! there
    are MILLIONS!! of shipping containers sitting around the world that
    SHOULD!! COULD!!! be used to house the homeless and feed the hungry! Thank
    You Kristen!

  7. DIY Slave says:

    No, it is called: hydroponics – without animals (fish) it is called
    Hydroponics – only Aquaponics when Animals are involved.

  8. Tom J. Byrne says:

    great !!!!

  9. keeperofblades says:

    Cool! thanks!

  10. Duckyistrippin says:


  11. GEhotpants101 says:


  12. Uncle Rice says:

    This is what I see being the face of the future of industry. Not huge
    factories that turn people into cogs, but little shops everywhere that ship

  13. porschespaboy says:

    This Man is Amazing!

  14. GameAddictHotline says:

    He is the new hippie. Tons of science and learning, but no real research

  15. SintheBandit says:


  16. SintheBandit says:

    I past by this place plenty of times and never knew whats inside. Lol

  17. Duckyistrippin says:


  18. Duckyistrippin says:

    its called aquaponics.

  19. milesorkid says:

    Great work Kirsten! Good to see these young men help save our delicate

  20. James Wyatt says:

    Very inspiring

  21. dick117 says:

    I’m sure there’s no shortage of hippies with hydro/aeroponic experiments
    down in their basements :)l. I liked the guy you had who used the dirty
    fish water in his hydroponics greenhouse. Seemed to be a more elegant

  22. jpexch says:

    A person like you, Kirsten, puts a positive spin in this broken world. Will
    be happy to see you continue your healing this world.

  23. Cintromix says:

    Great Video. Luke for your health please get some fresh air ventilation in
    that container with the plasma torch. An exhaust hood over the torch or

  24. rcnacura says:

    Love all your videos! I’ve built my indoor aquaponics system for my house
    in SF and I’ve been searching the web for something that would automate the
    needs of the plants! Thanks for sharing this because now I know about

  25. Bike Man Dan says:

    FYI to this guy: people kept food cold prior to electric fridges. Ice boxes
    were used, root cellars were used and cold mountain caves were used.

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