Composting Worms in Raised Beds

http://www.RedWormComposting Presents…a quick and dirty overview of using composting worms (such as Red Worms and European Nightcrawlers) in raised garden …


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  1. superslyfoxx1 says:

    So smart. I think I will try this.

  2. suburbanbunnies says:

    in your video you made the statement (you dont want to try growing your
    plants in a heat of rotting waste”. The statement was made in reference to
    removing the contents from the 4 corners of the raised beds and replacing
    it with rich soil prior to plating vegetables – in the video – tomatoes.
    I’ve got to tell you, I’ve never seen anything grow better than when
    planted in a pile of waste! All 4 of my raised beds are above ground worm
    beds, no soil, and they plants grow and produce amazingly well

  3. TheCompostGuy says:

    @marthale7 – sounds like a great approach to me! Glad to hear it’s working
    out well for you. :-)

  4. TheCompostGuy says:

    @swsebrownsugar1888 – Great question. Enriching a normal garden with lots
    of organic matter (leaves, grass, compost etc) is an excellent way to
    attract more soil worms, and yes they will provide similar benefits (and
    even some additional benefits such as helping to mix the soil, provide
    aeration etc.)

  5. marthale7 says:

    I have started small beds in my squarefoot garden setup. I put out a cup
    full of bedding from my worm bin out in in the squarefoot garden type
    setup, then I toss in about 3 – 4 banana peals and then on top of that add
    coffee grounds. The worms love it and have made it thru the winter with
    this setup. I am adding more grounds as the population is growing I noticed
    the soil is much less compacted in the areas the worms have been. Great

  6. TheCompostGuy says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I think it’s more a matter of wanting to
    err on the side of caution for the masses, than an anti-waste gardening
    stance. I’m certainly seen plants do very well in close proximity to
    rotting waste materials. But you never know who’s going to take that info a
    really run with it (in a bad way! haha). Cool that you’ve done so well with
    the waste gardening. I’d love to see some pics! :-)

  7. uncommonunexpected says:

    Worm towers are a low labor method of composting right in the bed.

  8. CherokeeArchetype says:

    i filled my raised bed 100sf with red wigglers “1/2 lb” its a 100% rich
    compost bed that is cool to the touch, im adding azomite and perlite before
    transplanting but i wanted to know what the worms need if anything to
    maintain my raised beds nutrition?

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