Conservation and Restoration Ecology: Crash Course Ecology #12

Hank wraps up the Crash Course on ecology by taking a look at the growing fields of conservation biology and restoration ecology, which use all the kung fu m…
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  1. Ladarzak says:

    When the toxic sediments were removed, where were they put??

  2. UnmannedTricycle says:

    I like you, Hank. You’re a swell man.?

  3. William McCormick says:

    Thanks for helping me not fail my finals!?

  4. changeisnowpeople says:

    wow…. inspiring…?

  5. 1066Maverick says:

    I agree that we should be protecting the ecosystems as much as possible,
    but as you mentioned in an earlier video about the carbon cycle, if we’re
    already stuck in a feedback loop, we need to FIX IT or nature will shut
    itself down because of what we’ve started. If it means making a stable
    ecosystem entirely out of invasive species, then we may have to do that to
    survive. ?

  6. k0b3three says:

    Haha I hope you finish your time machine!?

  7. Andy Davies says:

    Well show us the math then. Is it all solving differential equations. ?

  8. Eric Ekman says:

    Excellent job, but Dingos are invasive to Australia too…?

  9. DrunkenPenguin says:

    7:15 Maybe if you didn’t spend so much time making YouTube videos you could
    be making more leeway?

  10. Michael Davaz says:

    “Like un-cooking bacon” is probably the best simile I’ve ever heard! Even
    though I know you didn’t write it, I hope John is proud it came from your

  11. Pedro Rodriguez says:

    Last episode. If you didn’t see the whole series, you should. ?

  12. Gregory kipple II says:
  13. GeneralOwl says:

    Crash Course Chemistry. NOW.

  14. Thirdjamjar says:


  15. EekaGrenade says:

    Stop making environmental disaster sound so delicious…

  16. Orven Mallari says:

    Algebra please!

  17. kpoffaas says:

    Crash Course Chemistry!

  18. allhailshadow1984 says:

    OOh im taking Ap Chem right now and I REALLY REALLY need somebody that can
    explain it better than my teacher, who hasn’t done chemistry on that level
    since 9 years ago

  19. itscrashandbang says:


  20. fads90 says:

    If saving the world means i can’t cook bacon then it is not a world worth

  21. Cory Branscomb says:

    Am I the only one that wants economics?

  22. ladysha9 says:

    What happened to the promised episode? Where’s episode 13? Seems like you
    just skipped to Chemistry :( sad

  23. Adam McQuade says:

    Physics please. PS I love you Hank!!

  24. nygreenguy says:

    One of my favorite videos, mostly because I am a restoration ecologist! I
    am working on restoring an old Super”fun”d site on the dirties lake in the

  25. theBabyDead says:

    So THIS is the reason why hank wasn’t on scishow this week!

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