Cooks River Cycleway – Dulwich Hill to Botany Bay

Some of Sydney’s Cycleways. This ride goes from the Cooks River at Dulwich Hill to Sydney Airport and then to Botany Bay.
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  1. David Noble says:

    @darybec0oL “The Show” by Lenka – the name should come up next to the video
    information – with the opportunity to click to buy it from iTunes.

  2. Wollemiwanderer says:

    great insight into the recreation infrastructure of Sydney. Different to
    the roads and looks surprisingly pleasant. If only regional Oz could have
    such infrastructure.

  3. Ozmix Craft says:

    That was beautiful, awesome vid.,scenic ride , I have lived in dulwich hill
    10 years and had no idea this was here. I have recently purchased the zocco
    electric and will do this ride now. A Big Thank-You.

  4. savingourtrees says:

    Great video. I did this ride from Marrickville to Botany Bay a week ago &
    loved it. We took at different route instead of going over the Alexandra
    Canal. I might try your’s next time. It was 19km return trip & there are
    lots of things to see if you like nature. Thanks for making this. :-)

  5. David Noble says:

    @j4m35k4n9 From Homebush Bay to Botany Bay – at least 95% would be on off
    road cycleways. Road sections near Parramatta Rd, Homebush, and some near
    Wolli Ck -airport.

  6. MrHifonics says:

    how many ks from dulwich hill to botany bay? cheers

  7. Omer A. Malik says:

    Hey Great Video Mate … !!! Thanks for sharin. I m new in Sydney, and
    hopefully will be doing cycling soon.

  8. QwertyPop says:

    I’ll be going on that cycle way soon :) Anything good to stop and see ?

  9. David Noble says:

    @MrHifonics Not sure 10 – 12km perhaps? Further if you ride down the Bay

  10. darybec0oL says:

    @davidnoblenet thanks

  11. hanscombe72 says:

    I live just near the Dulwich Hill end. Takes about 2 hours to walk! thanks
    for posting!

  12. darybec0oL says:

    name of the songs pls?

  13. j4m35k4n9 says:

    Great video.. How much of the bay to bay cycleway (homebush bay to botany
    bay) is on the road with other cars and stuff? I heard in passing that in
    some sections it’s just a road and not a cycleway

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