Costa Rica Zoology Part 1

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  1. 2l28DRAIN says:

    I visited Costa Rica a few years back, good God the ticks were everywhere.
    At night, when I shined my flashlight, I could see thousands of sparkly
    spider eyes in the grass. They shined like gemstones, it was so surreal.

  2. Quaoar Power says:

    No. it’s all good. The ticks are more of a nuisance than a danger.

  3. Quaoar Power says:

    @EndlesslyPT Yeah my eye itched for weeks after that!

  4. noob rider says:

    It really does lower my faith in humanity that your channel doesn’t have
    millions of subscribers! I’ll put it down to the fact that they haven’t
    discovered your channel yet, so i’ll do my best to spread it and fav and
    like your vids, I hope everyone else does the same! Also 8:00 howler
    monkeys in the background or a monster?!

  5. Cubistar says:

    That was really cool! I definitely look forward to the other parts. It’s a
    nice mix of education, humor and just plain old enjoying the beautiful
    things in the world. I always discover new creatures through you, too. What
    a great way to start my morning. :)

  6. neonleonification says:

    your channel is amazing! I am subscribed forever more, i really like how
    you talk with your subscribers when they comment as well! Your diabolical
    earwig video made me subscribe >.< =p

  7. Emilio Aguilar says:

    Did you learn Spanish??

  8. MisterSoups says:

    Your videos mesmerize me. So glad I subscribed. Keep up the great work!

  9. 100ignacio100 says:

    Translation 08:12: Maria of the nicoya: This beautiful girl of 1 day old,
    is called Maria. She is a princess of the tribe Morfini and she lives in
    the mariposario Moctezuma in Costa Rica. Every day, she sleeps in the
    shadow, and in the night she eats fresh organic salads right next to the
    Tahio. His mother, Porsuposa and his father, Manul Formasul were devoured
    by the spiders. Every day she dreams with his forefathers. Thumbs up so the
    people can know this! :)

  10. Quaoar Power says:

    @2011maxaguilar Sí, en la escuela, pero creo que puedo comunicar, más o

  11. MrIvanKite says:

    Why did you have to shave your head?

  12. Lars S says:

    Best day of my life!

  13. LawlFakers IR says:

    I don’t quite get this, why is the Great Frigatebird called Fregata Minor,
    sounds contradicting. Also, was that other bird that extremely aggresive
    kind that is family to the Ostrich?

  14. teeter444 says:

    nice! I pet one of those 0:45 :)

  15. gelvispro says:

    future Arlo :D lol

  16. bertonemyia says:

    The unknown beetle larva (labeled as possible Lymexylidae) is a bess beetle
    larva (Passalidae). The presence of only four well-developed legs is a dead

  17. Chun Xing says:

    Yeah they are tough. Even a 200 pound guy stepping on them won’t kill em.

  18. Ursulo Corces says:

    I like your vids bro, are you a Biologist?

  19. Rodrigo Castro Ch says:

    Great stuff! I love how the video displays how us Costa Ricans live in
    harmony with all kinds of bugs and critters.

  20. Quaoar Power says:

    @noobrider100 Yes, that’s a male howler. You’ll see more of him later in
    this series. Thanks for the support!

  21. Genie in a Box says:

    9:20 Could it be a termite queen?

  22. Aathron says:

    i love this video but i can’t stand seeing the ticks being squashed..

  23. qwertyzupoi says:

    i love this channel!

  24. MicahTheZombie says:

    inb4 KILL IT WITH FIRE or pokemon reference. I love the normal 1 minute
    videos, so this is 15x times the awesome. Wait, 1 of 5? I’M SO EXCITED.
    I’ll share this with everyone I know. Nature is truly amazing. So glad that
    your trip went well, Arlo. Cheers.

  25. Quaoar Power says:

    @dinomanj Zoologist.

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