Costa Rica Zoology Part 2 ……… .. ..??????

Nicoya variegated squirrel – Sciurus atrirufus variegatoides Arrowhead Micrathena – Micrathena sagitta Silver orbweaver – Argiope argentata Spiny Crab Spider…
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  1. Quaoar Power says:

    @shawnio Sanyo VPC CA9 – a piece of crap except for super close-up stuff.

  2. calin4thewin says:

    Haha, so it was a dud? Because it looked alive and well in your video. You
    mean it died, or was it somewhere in the middle of the jungle where you
    couldn’t stick around long enough to find out? And did you know it was
    unidentified when you filmed it, or just found out after? In any case these
    videos are quite helpful in understanding a bit what the jungle is like. As
    an urban dweller in Europe I had absolutely no idea :)

  3. Aron8105 says:

    por que cagamos 30 veses cada hora?? pro ke comemos plantas indigeribles xD

  4. Ravenstone Manor says:

    I just tried poutine while in Montreal last month for the first time. It’s
    great but a guilty pleasure. Thanks for all your great vids!

  5. Nick Manke says:

    I highly enjoy these videos.

  6. Gianluca Murru says:


  7. JoshTehVideoMaker says:

    The most interesting man in the world…

  8. maarakailet1 says:

    Always great videos!!

  9. Quaoar Power says:

    @nhanha271988 Sanyo VPC CA9

  10. xXAnthony619Xx says:

    DUDE! Thank you so much for this gem! Great video! You’re so underrated,
    thank you for all the work you put into it!

  11. Quaoar Power says:

    @325982668 A cassowary!

  12. sfrdmn says:

    Excellent pronunciation!

  13. Bitis gabonica says:

    Why is it that throughout the entire video you speak perfectly clear
    English, yet when you quote a Latin name there’s a decidedly Spanish

  14. Quaoar Power says:

    It was inside the netted enclosure and hung there for months, eating leaves
    at night, and then one day it just disappeared. I took pictures of it first
    and sent them to Dan Janzen, who is the undisputed expert on Costa Rica
    moths, and he informed me the adult had never been associated with the

  15. Christian Perez says:

    Dengue feels horrible i had it twice :S

  16. Quaoar Power says:

    Sure, I waited and waited and it never came out.

  17. Quaoar Power says:

    @Diareahpants That would require a lot of proto-Malayan grammar and
    philology – let’s just say it’s because I haven’t figured out a way to
    switch it to something else.

  18. TheMontanaDave says:

    @aronchai That know as Latin my friend. Its a root language for the
    “romantic” languages. French, Italian, Spanish; are a few example of Latin

  19. Quaoar Power says:

    @XxContuViejaxX that is my “brand name.” You pronounce it: Hnääðfšñ?kht

  20. Nicky Mantella says:

    00:28, lmao

  21. PrincessAutobot says:

    yep, nothing better than watching squirrels pee O_o

  22. TkaXYZ says:

    Lol Great Spanish xD

  23. aronchai says:

    @TheMontanaDave Yeah.

  24. shawnio says:

    and dear god please tell me what camera you are using ! :)

  25. 325982668 says:

    Arlo! What is that big bird with the protrusion on its head, with the blue
    neck skin?

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