Creative Writing Major | Are You New School?

Felicia and Kailey are two writing majors earning their Bachelors of Arts in Literary Studies at Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts. New Yor…
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  1. gingerwomanKMR says:

    0:01-0:11 :)?

  2. Dorian Winslow says:

    If you are creative, full of imagination and loves challenges, Liberal Arts
    is the right course for you.

  3. Mike Sedin says:

    Nice video.

  4. Jim Faust says:

    Lovely girl!

  5. Jim Faust says:

    Informative and exciting for incoming Liberal Arts students.

  6. bluetorchguyify says:

    i relate on this thanks :)

  7. Butch Jouaneau says:

    Very interesting. Students of Liberal Arts will surely relate to this video.

  8. Tony Miller says:

    I’m not new school! I’d love to be one though!

  9. Sandy Davis says:

    I can also relate to this one. As a writer we always need to be creative
    and imaginative.

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