Cry Plays: Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines [P12]

Game : http://store.steampowered.com/app/2600/ Hey it’s 9:30am. I’M GOING TO BED FUCK YOUR DESCRIPTION. I mean stuff happens. Like uh.. things. YEAH! :D Orig…


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  1. Lilly M says:

    You disdain guacamole as well? You must be my soulmate?

  2. ThatBoringOne says:

    Grout kind of sounds like the narrator from The Stanely Parable…?

  3. Sarah Peck says:

    When Cry says “Baby-cakes” omg I just– hnnngggg :3?

  4. Joshua B says:

    @Xavia wills don’t worry I understood it as well?

  5. Xavia wills says:

    Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who was able to figure out the riddle
    on the note and the candle lever things

  6. Dr Alien Guy says:

    Pretty sure it’s because when he sees one, he feels like his immersion is

  7. Akantia Solaris says:

    I like me a german accent but on some some insane religious dude that’s a
    whole lotta nope.?

  8. Megann Maniacal says:

    Mizuri Syuo your pony is pretty ^~^?

  9. Reyn Weird says:

    Stunning soundtrack in this mansion!?

  10. Felicia Pierce says:

    I really enjoy this ep. And the Spice Girls and Pink Panther theme song was
    a nice touch lol.?

  11. snow4wolfpups says:

    haha what is it about clipping texture with cry? ?

  12. Anastas1786 says:

    “Did- Didn’t I- Didn’t I do it?”

    No, Cry, you explicitly told him to chase the Moon. You know, the big rock
    in the sky several hundred thousand miles away??

  13. SchneiderGurl . says:

    Ha YOLOSWAG x)?

  14. Mizuri Syuo says:

    you are da man cry you da man?

  15. Tae williams says:

    “I wanna lick lick lick lick you from your head to your honey and I wanna
    put you on a table and she’ll eat you alive and I wanna uh uh watch it and
    put it on netflix im gonna uh uh make probably like $2.50 im gonna think
    about what im doing today im gonna jump around the street with my ass in
    the air hey baby cakes”?

  16. Jessica Furukawa says:

    Seriously freaking addicted to this series.?

  17. Alurax says:

    Once again, cry has the uncanny ability to narrate my life. I was playin
    through Ocarina of Time, and I guess I glitched or something, cause I got
    stuck in an inescapable ring of fire… just when you started in about fire
    being everywhere and fucking you over.?

  18. randomgurlforever says:

    “I guess he likes the candle stick” xD new sub :)

  19. turboq rad says:

    The youtube comments must have gotten in to him so that is why he is
    talking like that :l

  20. Ryaque says:

    Creepy voice of creepiness is creepy! o_O

  21. SkillerKenzo says:

    Best description ever

  22. Gothickiller66 says:

    I can hear it say that something is evil…..but what? argh. Can’t hear it
    over mr. fancy pants =<

  23. Kitkat Vantas says:

    Pisha’s voice reminds me of someone from .hack…Helba?

  24. XHellxGirlxYumiX says:

    Pisha has the same voice actor as the girl off of Ghost in the Shell! This
    game… is awesome ; w;

  25. yamihikarilightdark9 says:

    I like how Cry wanted to side with Anarchics, but he tells La Croix that
    Nines possibly killed Grout. xD

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