Crysis: Zoology, Choke Hold, Catch This! Achievement Guide

Ray and Michael show you how to get Zoology, Choke Hold, and Catch This! in Crysis on the Xbox 360.


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  1. mrgigglebutts says:

    PC=no skill

  2. Francisco Gil says:

    Fuck pc

  3. PhiGearGamer says:

    1514 people need to calm down and stop taking things so seriously

  4. PhiGearGamer says:

    I’m Honestly surprised this video didn’t incite the hatred of turtle
    activists as well

  5. bocajbee says:

    I like xbox but hating PC gaming is retarded.

  6. Oliver Rosen says:

    @nighthawkc4 Practice what you preach. You’re the reason PC players hate
    console players.”We get what we want because we ask but you should shut up
    when mommy MS and daddy Sony buy us our presents and you get jack squat”.
    See why we hate you?

  7. BronsonFan111 says:

    Stop complaining you stupid fucks. Stick to what fucking console you like.
    Let other people stick to what console they like.

  8. Sheepman550 says:

    @billybobjoe0976 i understand that some of us are being stupid but you dont
    have to make fun of us and im not mad but it does play better on pc and i
    have an xbox too so dont troll

  9. Yuki Nagato says:

    39 secs…Insulting nonetheless, this whole console war is childish…in
    the end of the day it’s still a game…so stop this childish flame war,
    grow up and play your damn games.

  10. Troy FItzwater says:


  11. Tim Curtis Jr says:

    is that Cr1TiKaL ?

  12. Felicrux says:

    People are still bitching about the PC comment? And people are still saying
    console is better? Guys, PC is better from a technological standpoint. You
    cannot deny that, especially since this console generation has been around
    for nearly 6 years. Consoles are just cheaper, that’s really the main
    reason why this generation has lasted this long. Both sides need to man up
    and stop with the petty little arguments. It makes the entire gaming
    community look bad.

  13. Punkweasle007 says:

    Fucking idiototic people they make fun about almost everything and u should
    know that by now if not then fuck off assholes

  14. TheCriticalThinker1 says:

    I’d play some pc versions of games I play on xbox, but my computer cant
    handle it. Shitty processors = Fuck it, Get it on xbox… I’d love to play
    BF3 on pc cause it looks fuckin CRISP. But oh well..

  15. Felicrux says:

    @laifalbert Yeah, I had to cut it down. Hard to say everything when you
    only have 500 characters to say it in.

  16. James Nolan says:

    No one who plays console gives a shit about pc!

  17. drake4321 says:

    we get cheaper video game deals and we have steam so yeah…suck my nuts.

  18. Oliver Rosen says:

    @xXxShockandAwexXx Crysis 2, Fear, BF, etc etc. These games are downgraded
    for console and then ported to PC, so we basically have to play Xbox
    version as well. Look at the top comments on this video. PC gamers aren’t
    the ones being immature. Sure, some want to bitch because their pissed,
    like I am right now forcing myself to look at these comments, and others
    may just be assholes but we shouldn’t be the ones getting the flack when
    console gamers do it too. Also Ray did it to piss people off.

  19. LenChewbacca says:


  20. Asrian Ronto says:

    Looks like 1,500 people don’t know how to deal with opinion.

  21. 1NSANE says:

    *medium :D

  22. Oliver Rosen says:

    @nighthawkc4 You seriously believe that? Confucious says, signs point to
    no. If they were seriously releasing it then they would not be implementing
    any of the new updates to Xbox live they showed at their E3 press event.
    They wouldn’t have released Kinect. Can you see how much of a grabber that
    is for a new console? Why release it for the old one instead of holding
    these things, and many more like the disc update, for a new generation of
    consoles? Because they don’t plan on it.

  23. richiesimms9 says:

    fuck you

  24. SirMeGusta TheTroll says:

    Hey,NO. Have some respect.

  25. nighthawkc4 says:

    @Stormfail especially since that argument stopped long time ago. Me and
    that other guy came to an agreement, and yet you are still butt-hurt….

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