D.J.Malan´s Introduction Computer Science Lecture at Harvard: Bits, Binary, ASCII, ?????

(c) 2012 edX lecture by David J. Malan taken form the edX course : CS50x Introduction to Computer Science I http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/…


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  1. Gabriel Augusto says:

    45:54 … seems like i have seen you on youtube already.

  2. Edbahar patino ramirez says:

    very interesting..thanks

  3. Willlll17 says:

    30:15 haha that guy

  4. Samuel Lo says:

    Is… is that a flash mob?

  5. Samuel Lo says:

    Sometimes you get jealous when your home country/region doesn’t have a
    university like Harvard.

  6. Samuel Lo says:

    Why is there simplified Chinese in the title of the video?

  7. Zhong Jeff says:

    how to download the subtitle of this course?

  8. AcePlay1000 says:

    they just covered enough materials in an hour that took my class 7 weeks..

  9. michael penklis says:

    If you really want to find out about computers watch as many videos as you

  10. k022002 says:

    I Like…!

  11. Jon Morris says:

    Yeah I understand why Harvard is talked about so much lol

  12. Nathan Wilke says:

    college musical?…

  13. NT2BOS says:

    I feel my school MTSU sucks now lol is there still room at Harvard?

  14. iirateddown2 says:

    LOL he’s a good public speaker

  15. iirateddown2 says:

    you ended your paragraph with a thesis statement instead of a conclusion…
    maybe that’s one of the reasons you weren’t accepted into Harvard.

  16. ComplyMusic - Dubstep says:

    LOL this was fantastic. So signing up to this course! Thank you.

  17. alastive says:

    Am I the only one here that can’t get my eyes of that girl without a number
    card on stage? lol!

  18. Michael Harris says:

    Great course!!!!

  19. duongcamict says:

    So smart.

  20. Sotaya Yakubu says:

    You are lucky to have awesome lectures and awesome environment. I wish i
    had that

  21. shookz78 says:

    this course sounds so simple its ridiculous…scratch is a program for 12
    year olds…

  22. Jordy Nelson says:

    good thing the 9th chick came up on stage shes hot

  23. CyberSword10 says:

    “Kids” You mean late teenagers/adults.

  24. Devin Bristow says:

    I’m only a freshman in high school with a GPA that exceeds well over 4.0. I
    can’t wait to go to Harvard University and take computer science classes.
    I’m already preparing for the SAT’s, and hope to receive a score of at
    least 2250 or 2300. I’m taking Algebra 2 (H). I’m doing tremendously well
    and will take Pre-Calculus and Geometry next year as a sophomore. I am not
    just blessed, but I’m #HarvardReady. And I understood what this guy just
    said. I don’t think I’m normal.

  25. Darin Hagre says:

    Not being normal is NEVER a bad thing!

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