Damon and Elena 4×08 Scenes(Morning After Make Out, I’m Happy)

Delena :)


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  1. Sophie Somerhalder says:

    Damon is just, beautiful<3?

  2. spikaia says:

    i still can’t believe the writers did this to Damon!!?

  3. Slowshyy says:

    People can fall out of love and/or gain feelings for others other than
    their apparent “true love” so, yeah.

  4. Arceus9228246 says:


  5. CeltycSparrow says:

    yes they do. Damon is a trillion times hotter than Edward

  6. amy smith says:


  7. tara thelen says:

    i was laughtig so hard at that

  8. Em Ri says:


  9. sabrina alvarez says:

    I like delena but it doesnt make sence if elena ends up with him cause se
    was with stefan at the beginning stefan was that person she fell in love
    with and theought all thise experiwnces she met damon and learned to care
    for him but it doesnt feel right if she ends up with damon in the long run

  10. TheonlyTinkerbell82 says:

    Thank you ;)))))

  11. iteamVD says:

    Eyes on fire by Blue Foundation

  12. Maya Hernandoz says:

    if it is exactly the same

  13. isabella7803 says:

    The Vampire Diaries used the song better though ! ;)

  14. TheonlyTinkerbell82 says:

    yes and i wish to know which song is it

  15. Gabriela Cordova says:

    nice music! Proper sex one hehe

  16. queenkong23 says:

    awwww i wish that was me mmmm damon take me :)

  17. Lory teaandsweaters says:

    the “sire bond” is bullshit. she had feelings for him before she was a
    vampire and then it was just magnified.

  18. Madison Martin says:

    blood caprisun! yay!

  19. Harki Bajwa says:


  20. Terri F. says:

    Hottest love scene I’ve ever seen on prime time TV.

  21. citoyennedumonde0 says:

    why did they choose the song “eyes on fire” for this moment??? it reminds
    me of twilight

  22. Jaazii3smile says:

    omg ! Ian is so hotttttt

  23. AnimalLover218 says:

    Yay but why so marry damon or I’ll have him nina

  24. Marlene16ification says:

    Shut up, Caroline!!

  25. southernangel4u1977 says:

    I love Damon and Elena they are so good to each other

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