Day and Night Parody – Zoology Project and Music Video

This was a project me and my friend geoff made for our zoology class. It starts off with some info about our subject. We then wrote, recorded, and made a mus…


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  1. ilovesushi45 says:

    leave some comments =]

  2. AtomWinston says:

    hey, i’m about to make a parody to day and night, so i was checkin youtube
    to see who has done it so far, and came across this…haha it wasn’t bad ,
    solid rhymes- hope u got a go0d grade

  3. silkado says:

    Wow. That intro was WAY too long. I didn’t even get to the song

  4. salmamir76 says:

    hey silkado you wanna calm down a little bit, its called background
    information you filthy whore. hence the title “PROJECT” zoology

  5. shamin312 says:


  6. Anthony Brooks says:

    @silkado skip ahead then dumbass

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