Dead Rising 2 – Fortune City Botany Club By Chrisnepts (DR2 Gameplay/Commentary)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5N1YRijnl4 Click this to watch New Beginnings (Halo Reach Machinima) Dead Rising 2 – Fortune City Botany Club By Chrisnepts (…
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  1. MajicPantz says:

    @concep2 he is just being a thumb whore and trying to get the most thumbs
    up. its fucking annoying

  2. rix397 says:

    @Briansit0 ppl say these guys suck. btw. who cares?

  3. NightRyder101 says:

    lol no offence but you guys suck

  4. gigimandude says:

    @matheuswoww go die in a hole you fucking loser you don’t even know what a
    good game is go play your shit ass kirby while the rest of us play some fun

  5. rtruth15 says:

    @concep2 shut the fuck up

  6. rtruth15 says:

    @concep2 you shut up

  7. VeggiePandya says:

    Best part at 2:50

  8. jgoo55e says:

    WTF is this retard doing?

  9. tomas ale says:

    @05sn indeed

  10. Stormtrooper0ll says:

    @AhmedHazoz you mean Stormtrooper0II, that’s me xD

  11. marty5556 says:

    @AirsoftGunsAndBbGuns I think it is so funny that everyone is hating on the
    fable ad… I have never seen it :P

  12. Nick Stokrocki says:


  13. VeggiePandya says:

    @Bruno6785 lol

  14. Outer Heaven says:

    @gigimandude AND you have RUNESCAPE videos HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH i mean… you
    just owned yourself ! .. seriously someone that plays runescape and it’s a
    Dead RIsing fanboy has the mentality of a animal

  15. Outer Heaven says:

    i downloaded this for PC and it’s awful .. don’t waste your money with that
    crap , there’s plenty of good games for console before that piece of SHIT !

  16. Stormtrooper0ll says:

    @jvmendes012 I got it by doin TIR alot of times, I believe you get it by
    either winning a certain amount of money in total, or by being first in a
    lot of matches.

  17. monkeyman123321 says:

    ummm it’s faster if you take the short cut in the bathroom near the safe
    house Also it shoots you out at the New Style store whatever it’s called

  18. Flyingmidget100 says:

    @VeggiePandya its cuz he hab the ninjaa suit on

  19. Outer Heaven says:

    @gigimandude no actually im more then sure my taste for games is at least a
    hundreds times better then yours .. i don’t even like kirby you fucking
    moron , go bother someone else with your 12 years old insults and LEARN
    WHAT A GOOD GAME IS , this is a game without content or variation ..
    seriously you’re dumb.

  20. AhmedHazoz says:


  21. jvmendes012 says:

    @Stormtrooper0ll yeah, after i did a little search about this unlockables
    clothes, and i saw in a site that its one of those special clothes that you
    unlock doing a achievement in TIR online.. i have to fucking buy the xBox

  22. MuzicLyricVideoz says:


  23. MEOW says:

    short cut anybody?

  24. Bruno6785 says:

    Nice commentary!

  25. rtruth15 says:

    @concep2 naahhh ur mom and me are ok

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