Deforestation slows: Week in Forests, Oct 8, 2010

Rhett Butler from mongabay.com reports on this week’s forest news. = = = = = Green party candidate Marina Silva captured 19 percent of the vote in Brazil’s p…
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  1. mansolo100 says:

    @zakaslam1 you’re a fucking moron i’d like to set you on fire and watch you
    scream in pain!

  2. mansolo100 says:

    @wildmadagascar the dude is just a fucking dip shit who only cares for
    mpney he is a greedy bastard who will rot in hell

  3. Rhett Butler says:

    That’s an idiotic thing to say zakaslam1. I hope you realize there are
    poisonous spiders all over the world. Are you suggesting we burn down the
    entire world?

  4. mansolo100 says:

    @zakaslam1 are you fucking serious?!?!?! dude pull your head out of your
    ass and think about the effects deforestation has on the world- this
    includes you! think of all the biodiversity dip shits like you are
    destroying! i am seriously in disbelief of your fucking reply! i hope you
    really don’t think this way! ut you will certainly burn in hell for all

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