Deforestation: Trees Today Gone Tomorrow

Sacred Heart Academy of Novaliches Q.C. Documentary about Deforestation Created by: Group 7 in A.P. of III-Molave Mother Earth is undergoing an environmental…


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  1. evgosha badr says:

    could anyone tell the name of the song from the very beginning of this
    video, please?

  2. neil sumanduran says:

    wow nice……

  3. Justin Shaquille Manipon says:

    Thanks a lot! I appreciate it ^?^

  4. Chastine Petines says:

    Let us make a change.. :))

  5. Justin Shaquille Manipon says:

    @chastine0497 Tama!!! Make a Change..Hahaha! XD

  6. Barbie Cyres Alegria says:

    thanks for this video hah..i appreciate it so much..

  7. jonasp28 says:

    Cool video. Very informative. Great job!

  8. Hannah Tajo says:

    cool ! can i download this ?

  9. Shai Ra says:

    Lame but fine..

  10. Chastine Petines says:

    cool :)

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