DJ Screw – Smokin’ N Leanin’ Feat. Botany Boys

DJ Screw – 3 ‘N The Mornin’ (Blue)


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  1. poopmang100 says:

    smoke til you cant smoke no mo mane word up

  2. Screwmatic Screwmatic says:

    @TheMattmorales Screw blended it with Too Short – Just Another Day beat and
    then at end he brought in Al-D – No Way Out then mixed it again with Botany
    Boys – Block Dat Stay Crunk. Screw really put in work on dat 3 ‘N The
    Mornin’, fo’sho. 6 turntables deep in ’95.

  3. Screwmatic Screwmatic says:

    @TheMattmorales hell yuh, dat boy was in da zone. he made each track sound
    very different from da original tracks and then make u think it’s da
    original. lol. Screwzoo a Legend.

  4. Troy Sutton says:

    Damn 6 turntables ???

  5. Rollandoable says:

    Twoston Texas – keep own

  6. gabriel salazar says:

    man i love this song screwzoo baby

  7. Laura Gerami says:

    Gabriel is gay

  8. matt morales says:

    ay dogg. do u knnow wat songs screw mixed with this song

  9. matt morales says:

    @Screwmatic damn .thanks i thought screw used like 4 tables or sum but 6!!

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