Doyle Bros Wet-Waste : A Busy Monday

Here is one of the three Doyle Bros Maxi Paks on the run again, smellier than ever, in the busy streets of Manly and around the cafes and restaurants of Dee …


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  1. MitchellM15 says:

    Originally Doyles had a yard at Mona Vale, then they moved to Ingleside
    after they bought out MIT Waste and then they moved to Silverwater where
    they are still located. I reckon they should move back around my area so
    they’re more central to their operations. Also a driver told me I should
    delete some of the comments that were above due to their harshness towards
    the company in case someone got on and saw lol Just about their management
    and stuff… still going to work there one day! hehe

  2. trashmaster684 says:

    Good stuff good stuff good stuff! 5 n fav!

  3. tharealsteven says:

    Nice vid, it’s a bumma how the truck’s already got a bit of damage :(

  4. r6man2 says:

    Nice video Mitch! Awesome to see you posting!

  5. MitchellM15 says:

    Thanks very much, this is the typical commercial collection you’ll find in
    Australia. I’ve been trying to get around to your videos, but haven’t had
    sufficient time to watch them recently…

  6. duane evanoff says:

    thats nasty, i loved it but still its nasty. lol

  7. MitchellM15 says:

    haha Yeh that was dirty hey?! There was also some shit erupting out the
    side of the packer after the 1st 660L in the video (2nd clip, 2nd bin-lift).

  8. N.E.Arkansas Trash Trucks&Lottery says:

    Nice video did you see that puding like stuff get squeezed out at about 10

  9. MitchellM15 says:

    Well they have 3 of these trucks and they are all used on wet-waste runs,
    except two of the daytime drivers where 1 uses his truck for dry on
    Wednesdays and another who uses his truck for dry on Mon, Tues, Thurs and
    Fri. Yep wet-waste is basically food waste and organics… just the
    terminology Doyles decided to use. Yeh I figured a lot of footage would be
    the way to go not having seen this truck for such a long period of time.

  10. ndrwtennant says:

    Nice video theres a lot of rubbish in the back loader my Bruder back loader
    looks like this truck but it’s a orange colour and I love the truck.

  11. Trashman242 says:

    Just thinking here a sec…didn’t you use to always go working
    (volunteering in a sense) w/a Doyle Bros. driver when you had time, but now
    you’ve got a job with URM?? Wouldn’t you have rather just signed on with
    them? I mean, are you as good friends with the URM guys as you are with the
    one Doyle Bros. driver? IDK this just kinda dawned on me :D

  12. Trashman242 says:

    lol even worse than URM in stinginess + etc.?? lol that’s too bad, although
    it makes sense, don’t want to run to big of a risk(s) when your company’s
    real small like that. OK, so basically that’s the reason you didn’t
    (couldn’t) get work as a helper/loader with them. How did URM know you were
    interested in having a job like this? Just since you know the supervisor or

  13. FormerWMDriver says:

    Great job! I’ve been struggling to get footage lately, glad to see that you
    can get some good quality video!!!

  14. crushandburn51 says:

    just out thought, how good do veolia pay in ur region.

  15. MitchellM15 says:

    They pay pretty well (anything’s better than URM anyway haha), loaders on
    the RLs are just under $25 and drivers get about $28… in AU$ too.

  16. r6man2 says:

    IS there a difference in Aus. of wet waste and dry ? Isn’t it the same ?

  17. MitchellM15 says:

    Wet waste (aka mixed waste / putrescible waste) is classified as waste
    containing food + organics. On the other hand dry-waste doesn’t contain
    food + organics, therefore it only contains recyclable materials.

  18. Ozgarbo12325 says:

    Like this truck, waited for this video to see what wet waste was. Nice
    clear graphics and did you take this video locally?

  19. Trashman242 says:

    YEAH we haven’t seen this truck for a while…designated for wet waste
    only? OK, so “wet waste” basically is organics (food waste)?? Just trying
    to get things straight.. You really did a nice job making a ‘comeback’ for
    this truck, almost 11 min. made it a really cool vid you must’ve worked
    hard on — many stops in there :D 5/5 + fav!!

  20. MitchellM15 says:

    Just funny about the size of the company, the money they make and how they
    don’t want to spend anything! Ohhhh dear…

  21. Trashman242 says:

    lol soo lucky….Does Doyles have any other yards besides the one around
    Manly or is that it?

  22. MitchellM15 says:

    Yes this was locally in a few neighbouring suburbs.

  23. robinsonm08 says:

    wow mitch havent sean a compaction systems for a while .lots of 660’s to do

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