Dr. Umar Johnson speaks on Cursing @ Children and Bed wetting

Dr. Umar Johnson speaks on Cursing @ Children and the effects it cause, Dr. Umar also give information on the reason children may wet in the bed…. at the m…
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  1. carlton burns says:

    My parents and grandparents used too beat my ass…

  2. Green Tea says:

    I used to pee the bed sometimes, but I was never molested..?

  3. nappyqueen86 says:

    Love it!

  4. 3457lkande1 says:

    Quit feeding the child heavy ass dinners & cups of juice so late @ night
    make dinner @ a proper time. Your gonna half to get up @ night & take the
    child to the bathroom a few times until morning.

  5. afeni shakur says:

    speak brother! we love you and need your insight. the hero of our race.

  6. Jack1uptone says:

    I used to dream about standing over a toilet taking a piss,and wake up to
    wet pajamas.

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