Ecological Succession: Change is Good – Crash Course Ecology #6

In the world of ecology, the only constant is change – but change can be good. Today Hank explains ecological succession and how ecological communities chang…
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  1. Michel Carroll says:

    You’re awesome. Great exam review for me.?

  2. Liz Kuo says:

    Wow you’re amazing at explaining! I’ve been watching quite a few of your
    videos, and well, they’re simply brilliant! Thank you and whoever that
    helps you make these! :D?

  3. Sam Fed says:

    Could you make a whole video on soil creation and what makes a good soil?
    I personally think that would be really interesting , especially as we
    constantly hear that soils are lost to deserts ect. but most people don’t
    seem to know how long it would take to creat new ones…?

  4. Anoo Ama says:

    I really like this video. I have a biology test tomorrow and it helped me
    big time. I even shared it with my friends :)?

  5. Radhika Gupta says:

    Can you not crack so many silly jokes in between, I lose attention!! ;)?

  6. Robyn F says:

    NEESH. good god man?

  7. James Davies says:

    JAYZEE also has 99 problems. So that’s seeming not the nichiest niche (?)

  8. James Davies says:

    Buddha also said ‘Change is the only constant’ in 500BC and you could say
    was the first recorded (orally, admittedly) source of the idea of
    ecological succession.

  9. Brooke K says:

    Finally a crashcourse vid that helps me in my biology major!

  10. J&J Acres says:

    <= Some "Yee Haw". lol

  11. Matthew Hastings says:

    (dx2)/(d2y) = z.

  12. dolma lhamu says:

    thanku hank et al for the crash course.boosted my confidence. thanks

  13. Feldwebel Blitz says:

    Niche is a French word and it sounds more like ‘nitch’ than ‘neech’.
    Americans may have the habit of making unusual changes but, this time, this
    makes sense.

  14. Marilyn Flores says:


  15. Panda Rutra says:

    Really? I guess that’s more reasonable

  16. Yourloyalservant says:

    you were the top comment, even if it was posted 8 months ago.

  17. Yourloyalservant says:

    Everybody shut up! Language evolves! Nobody has ever been happy with the
    evolution of a new pronunciation or spelling of a word, but it happens
    anyway whether anyone likes it or not! (And believe me, if any one has
    heard the original french pronunciation of niche, they are not). Neesh.

  18. Panda Rutra says:

    a) you’re responding to a comment I posted 8 months ago, and b) you realize
    you’re agreeing with me, right?

  19. Doug Morford says:

    I disagree with his comments at the end regarding yellowstone burning.
    “Nuked” was not the correct term. That fire burned in a pretty nice mosaic,
    and was a healthy disturbance. People such as himself suggesting that it
    was some sort of ecological disaster, really does not help what fuels
    managers are trying to accomplish today, which is a LOT more burning just
    like the yellowstone fire.

  20. Martin Jacobsen says:

    Kinda depends on the size of the fire? A small fire vs a biiiig fire :P

  21. Loke San says:


  22. Justin Zimmer says:
  23. Carlos Portela says:

    change science ecology sucession science crashcourse?

  24. Ian Farrow says:

    Learn why change is good in terms of ecology

  25. RuthlessFilms108 says:

    I have a huge test that is 80% of my grade thanks to u I got an A yay thank

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