Ecological Succession of the Climax Forest

This is an educational video illustrating the natural progression of our plant and wildlife eco-system. The video depicts the separate stages of ecological s…


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  1. reesenjudesmom says:

    nice i liked alot

  2. dragonballov says:

    c ool. so useful. thanks for sharing

  3. Julian Duane Cruz says:

    Thank you for sharing this video, It helped me a lot because this is our
    assignment in biology :D

  4. SuperBeyoncestar says:

    i went to summer school to get extra credit and when i was in class
    everybody waz like man thos s*** is boren……but i learned alot from this
    video…but the could have some better music

  5. blue3977 says:

    Yes thanks alot! by viewing the video i gained the process of FOreST CLIMAX
    and its pioneer thee LICHENS. GOOD JOB n Thank You

  6. strofastbethard says:

    nice one

  7. zinnaoctavia says:

    we’ve just watched this presentation yesterday in our science lab.. and it
    was so nice educational video… 3 thumbs UP!

  8. ChadTheWrestleManiac says:

    my teacher showed us this video in science today!

  9. SunburntMoon says:

    its not that good

  10. lordmolecules says:

    nice video presentation

  11. DonaldoPictures says:


  12. Lindy Remocaldo says:

    like like like…i have now my project thank u :**

  13. TalkEducation says:

    decent , teachers what it needs to however abit slow… towards the end its
    very easy to drift of and get bored

  14. TRAVL3R1 says:

    climax is impossible

  15. TheClarkton says:

    very nice play !!! thanks to the owner of this video . because of you my
    report is solved !!

  16. Pedro Freithas says:

    Good Job !!

  17. ash21 says:

    i got soo bord towards the end and then… ‘the little bird flew by’ n i
    knew it was gona be all alright :)

  18. musiccat19 says:

    watching in biology

  19. novoa456 says:

    how is call the song of the last

  20. Catarina DG says:

    The song at the end is Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root. Awesome song, and
    great video!

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