Eliminating Waste, One Pancake At A Time

We’ve been thinking a lot about how much trash comes in and out of our apartment. We recycle and compost a lot of stuff, but some things, like plastic wrappi…
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  1. E Vega says:

    glad im not the only one who feels guilty every time i go shopping

  2. passintyme1 says:

    The pancakes are a good idea,try putting your batter in a old sqeezable
    honey container,It’s easy to store and gives you perfectly round pancakes.

  3. Doug Beyer says:

    Awesome! Pancakes for the planet. I love it.

  4. svtcontour says:

    Man those pancakes are really burnt. Thats really bad for health. You may
    be doing the environment some good but you’re doing your body a lot of harm.

  5. RyanIsHungry says:

    wow, i’ve never heard of that before. do you have a link to some info on
    that? jay loves to eat burnt food. yikes.

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