Eliza Doolittle | The Morning – The Weeknd cover | Eliza Covers

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  1. RareBlkDiamond says:

    I love this version!!!! I have it on repeat! I love Eliza!!!?

  2. MR JACK IS ON says:

    AWSOME COVER BY +Eliza Doolittle from +The Weeknd ‘s The Morning.

    She stated it was her favourite track from 2011! Truly great.

    ENJOY ??

  3. Sr.Laeno says:

    This should seriously be a single!?

  4. LizzieFTP says:

    Beautiful <3 cool setup too

  5. Kitarraman says:

    Yeah, but Eliza is so damn hot!

  6. Melissa Aguilera says:

    I like the drummer :P

  7. Annabelle Aston says:

    So fkn good!!

  8. cnsmooth says:

    Ahh her voice is too ‘perfect’ to do this song. Or too high I dunno, needs
    a voice that sounds like it has been on that side of life, which I dont
    think Eliza’s conveys

  9. cnsmooth says:

    Eliza has orgies daily

  10. yeahmate94 says:

    Hey it’s Eliza guys ! Yeah well I kind of had my arse out and his muscles
    were out , got me kind of wet..don’t forget to subscribe !

  11. jes says:

    this is hot

  12. Jelena wonderless says:


  13. tkotdm says:

    Nice job!

  14. Ilovechocolate1996 says:

    It looks like their is some sexual tension between him and Eliza lol.

  15. Ilovechocolate1996 says:

    morning after orgy.

  16. ymkeable says:

    This sooo beautiful…cant stop listening..?????

  17. emilytirado15 says:

    Just no.

  18. patricia richmond says:

    2:26 Tho LMFAOO xD

  19. Deko Martinez says:


  20. miguel12mr36 says:

    No just no /.- Stahp. Stahp it. .-.

  21. yoginshah says:

    Se xwwith hhu Sex with huma

  22. Jasmin Vela says:

    hate it when people who watch covers, watch covers

  23. Patrick Artounian says:

    Your voice is just no.

  24. jord0hh says:

    She is so sexy.

  25. 206SeatownBalla says:

    Oh shit I thought that was Cheif Keef on the drums!!

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